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The transporter is back in action, sort of. Prepare yourself for more insane car chases, epic fist-fights, and witty humor when the transporter makes his return to the big screen. Ed skrein( game of thrones) is now in the drivers seat and is ready to deliver hardcore action and sarcastic one-liners.The movie itself will be taking a slightly new direction than the last 3 films and will focus on a young Frank walker who is still a bit of a rookie at the time, while trying to embrace his persona as the Transporter. The original transporter film series starred Jason statham who was recently seen in "Furious 7" and and "SPY".

Here's the plot synopsis:

A femme fatale and her cohorts kidnap Frank Martin's (Ed Skrein) father to coerce Frank into helping them break up a ring of human traffickers from the Russian Federation.

This plot sounds a bit single-minded but there is probably alot more to the story than we think. Frank's dad being kidnapped seems to be his main motivation for helping the mysterious women who may or may not have an ulterior motive for kidnapping and coercing Frank into aiding them. Things might heat up when Frank betrays the women or they may simply become acquaintances or very awkward friends who look back on this and laugh.

It's clear what some of you are thinking, why would you want to watch a transporter movie without Jason Statham? it's simple. There could be more to the story of frank martin and while people like Frank martin's origins remaining a mystery there are those who think otherwise. Ed skrein will no doubt be the target for verbal lynching from fans but hopefully he can manage it. There will also be comments about the PG-13 rating that was given to the film even though film ratings don't determine the quality of a movie.

Despite the rantings of die-hard Transporter fans the film will have an audience because some people just want to see a good action movie and go about their business. If all goes well at the box-office then there will in fact be a sequel which is undoubtedly being planned by the studio. There are some franchises that are capable of allowing other actors to step into to the role, and if it worked so well for James Bond then why can't it work for The transporter? Ultimately the choice is yours if you want to see this or not, some people like reboots and some people don't.


Transporter Refueled drifts into theaters on September 4, 2015


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