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Lex Luthor sighs and signs the last of the sheets of paper on his desk. It has been a year since the epic clash between batman and superman. He wipes his bald head and gets up from his desk and stretches. Evidently he is tired. Rubbing his eyes he walks around the desk to the other side of his room where there is a samurai sword hanging on a wall. He takes out a shard of kryptonite out of his pocket and inserts it into the hilt of the sword.

The wall opens up and Lex walks into a small secret room. He turns on a light and removes the piece of kryptonite from the sword and closes the wall. He then looks at what seems like some medical equipment along with some IV bags filled with a green liquid. On the other side of the room is a complicated looking machine. A faint beep begins to sound in the room and slowly grows louder. Lex smiles and presses a large red button on the side of the machine. Steam begins to fill the room as a door opens on the machine. A being wrapped in a green suit slowly appears inside the machine. Its red eyes flicker open.


Yeah almost
Yeah almost

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