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The students of North Shore High might have been victimized by Regina George, but it looks like Hollywood is just as guilty when it comes to making its subjects feel like they need to watch their backs. Amanda Seyfried (a.k.a. Karen Smith from Mean Girls) has spoken out about experiencing sexism during her career and at times having to watch her back. Sounds familiar, right? At a recent press day she spoke with MTV news about the downsides of her acting career.

Take a look at the interview breakdown along with the video at the bottom of the page.

“This industry is just like every other industry. It’s full of petty, spoiled bullies, as much as it is full of wonderful, passionate, honest people… you just have to watch your back.”

Mean Girls, comedy aside, is all about watching your back. A person may be called a friend, but can you truly trust them?

''You just have to find the right people and deal with them. ''

Being friends with Damian and Janice, lands Cady into a whole bunch of trouble. She is only trying to please them and fit in by making friends with The Plastics!

''You have to be headstrong and believe in yourself, and know that there are people ready to just stab you in the back. Just like high school.''

Remember the Burn Book? Sounds like Hollywood might have its own one...

Check out the moment where Regina finds out the truth about Cady. Who she accepted into that group who adore her and at the same time bitch about her, those pink ladies: The Plastics.

It seems like Amanda Seyfried sometimes feels alienated by Hollywood. Sounds like a familiar scene:

Check out the full interview here:

Hollywood sounds just like North Shore High School, full of the nicest people you could ever meet and questionable people too. At least Amanda got some life lessons in Mean Girls, to prepare her for life as a Hollywood actress.


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