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Bam Margera has made a career out of putting his body in harm's way. As a star of Jackass, CKY and Viva La Bam, he's had his fair share of of injuries - usually at the hands of his friends, skateboard ramps and/or poorly constructed, makeshift trebuchet-type contraptions. However, it seems the 35-year-old may have finally met his match - an Icelandic rapper.

That indefatigable font of celebrity news, TMZ, managed to get their hands on some footage which shows Margera in an altercation with a number of Icelandic festival goers. According to the spokesman for the Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland, Margera had been in a 'really weird condition' before heckling two women and trying to force his way into a backstage production room. This led to an argument which resulted in Margera being set upon by Icelandic rapper Gísli Palmi and his entourage.

However, Margera himself says things went down a bit differently and that the fight primarily concerned his former publicist/"motherfucker," Leon Hill. You can watch the fight, and Margera's explanation for it, in the video below:

Margera, who was at the festival to perform with his band The Earth Rocker, has since told Icelandic newspaper Visir that he would be filing charges with the Reykjavík police over the alleged assault. Generally, however, Margera seems to be taking the beating in his stride, and even headed to Instagram to show off his wounds.

This isn't the first time Margera has been to Iceland. In fact, it's not even the first time he's been in trouble in Iceland. Indeed, it seems like Margera must really like the Nordic country, as he's visited it several times. In 2000, he released CKY2K which featured a segment filmed in Iceland. Along with various pranks involving feces and urinating on each other's sleeping heads, there was also a music video showing off Iceland's natural beauty (and good skateboarding spots). You can watch that below:

Since then he's visited it more times and even married his current wife, Nicole Boyd, in Reykjavík in 2013. Unfortunately, a year before he earned the ire of the Icelandic authorities after he smashed up a rental car and never paid for the damage. This is something he also has previous experience in, as illustrated by another segment from CKY2K:

Source: TMZ


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