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1: In Star Wars The Empire Strikes a Potato and a shoe can be seen.

2: The alien language used in District 9 was created by rubbing a pumpkin.

3: The strange music that plays during a Joker scene in The Dark Knight was inspired by the sound a razor blade makes on a piano wire.

4: Several major scenes in Braveheart had to be re-shot because extras were wearing wristwatches and sunglasses.

5: The movie Beverly Hills Cop made up a technology called a S.T.S (Satellite Tracking System). Years later, the technology was actually invented. We know it as GPS (Global Positioning System).

6: Samuel L. Jackson was the prfect person to play Nick Fury in The Avengers. After all, the Nick Fury in Marvel's Ultimate Universe was based on Samuel L. Jackson. (Something Jackson gave permission for!

7:Did you know that the original concept for Elsa, of the immensely popular Disney movie ‘Frozen,’ was for her to be a blue-skinned villain who wears a coat made out of weasels.

8: Laurence Fishburne lied about his age to get a part as 17 year-old gunner's mate in Apocalypse Now. He was actually only 14

9: Ripley from Alien was originally intended to be a male character. She was made a woman because audiences at the time would not expect the lone survivor to be female

10: A Nightmare on Elm Street was loosely based on a real event !



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