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After the stunning news that Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass would be reuniting once again for a fourth installment of the actual Bourne franchise (despite Ultimatum being the perfect closing to the badass trilogy), casting has begun heating up with news that Damon will be joined by a very familiar face.

Word is Julia Stiles, who played covert agent Nicky Parsons, has wrapped a deal which will see her return to the epic franchise. Like Damon, Stiles is the only other Bourne cast member to have appeared in all three films.

Matt Damon & Julia Stiles
Matt Damon & Julia Stiles

Just in case you're wondering who the hell I'm talking about, Nicky Parsons started off as a talented field operative who's roles involved coordinating logistical operations and monitoring the physical and mental health of Treadstone's assets. Later in the trilogy she became an ally of Bourne's, and a potential love interest.

But Wait...

Ex_Machina's breakout star Alicia Vikander is on the rise as she was too rumored to be up for an unconfirmed role in the unnamed Bourne feature, as is the legend that is Viggo Mortensen.

Alicia Vikander & Viggo Mortensen
Alicia Vikander & Viggo Mortensen

The Wrap's Jeff Sneider revealed the news on Twitter that ol' Aragorn himself has been "offered" the chance at playing the antagonist, but whether he has accepted, naturally, still remains to be seen. But hopefully this will play out, because Mortensen would be a thrilling addition to the franchise, and here's why:

1. He's Effortlessly Cool

Having Mortensen on board could possibly see the identity of the Bourne franchise take a turn for the Bond. Not disputing the fact that Mortensen can get his hands dirty like any great action movie hero, to see him swanning about mysteriously and ubiquitously dispatching agents to erase Jason Bourne would be so, so damn cool.

2. He's an Incredible Actor

In-fitting with the Bourne movies' typically terrific casting choices, Mortensen would excel with glee as either a goon, mafia head or boss of a shadowy CIA unit, because, as he's proved so often over the years, he can pretty much handle any role he so chooses.

I am interested to see what Greengrass & Co. have in store for the beleaguered ex-assassin, and how they up the ante on the obligatory shaky-cam madness that will be heading our way relatively soon. Plus, I wonder if they'll be bringing back the brilliant Pamela Landy (Joan Allen), and what's the noun going to be at the end of the title? The Bourne... Again, Really?

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