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SPOILER WARNING: In case it wasn't already clear from the headline, this article will reveal major plot spoilers for Batman: Arkham Knight... so, you know, act accordingly.

Anticipation for the final chapter in the Dark Knight's Arkham adventure has been building to an unbearable climax, with the game finally set to release tomorrow. Fans have been chomping at the bit to discover what surprises await them on the perennially soaked streets of Gotham; principally, the mysterious identity of the menacing Arkham Knight.

The Arkham Knight - Unmasked!

Rocksteady Studios, the makers of the game, has kept dead quiet on who this inscrutable supervillain is, though did confirm he was an "original character" created specifically for the game.

Well, the true identity of the Arkham Knight has now leaked online, and I think calling him an 'original character' might have been just a smidgen disingenuous. It turns out, the man behind the mysterious mask is none other than...

Jason Todd!

HUH?! Jason Todd a.k.a. the Red Hood is Batman's latest and most deadly enemy? I totally thought it was going to be a clone of Bruce Wayne, or maybe even the Joker himself!

Todd first met the Dark Knight when he was a street orphan, before being taken under his wing and trained in the vigilante arts, thereafter becoming the second Robin. However, during Arkham Asylum (the first game in the series), Joker taunts Batman about having killed Jason.

Can you see the 'J' on his face in the picture above? That's a parting brand Joker left on his victim, and though Joker is now dead, a small remnant of him will live on in Arkham Knight, Batman never quite able to escape his greatest nemesis - even from beyond the grave!

Although Todd has been set to return under his title of Red Hood, I never expected his face to be under the Arkham Knight's mask, too! This is not only going to be a clash of two formidable titans, but an emotional confrontation between two former, once intimate allies...

If you're still not adequately pumped for this epic conclusion to what will most likely be remembered as the greatest Batman video game franchise of all time, then take a look at this positively dazzling gameplay footage below:

Psyched? Good. Batman: Arkham Knight swoops onto shelves on June 23.

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