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It might be considered the franchise's runt of the genetically-engineered litter, but I've always had a soft spot for Jurassic Park III. By no means is it as good as the other three Jurassic movies, but any fan would be lying if they didn't at least enjoy seeing Dr. Alan Grant don his iconic fedora hat for another jaunt through dino-infested woods.

Not only that, but I still think the special effects hold up remarkably well, considering it was made made back in 2001. Check out this brutal fight between the T-Rex and a Spinosaurus and see if you agree:

The movie was also notable for further exploring the Raptors' extraordinary intelligence, clearly paving a way for the truly excellent Jurassic World. Hmm, perhaps it's time for a Jurassic Park III reappraisal...

14 years after its release, I take a look back the cast of this often overlooked movie to see just how much they've changed!

Sam Neill as Dr. Alan Grant

Age then: 53

Age now: 67

What else you know them from: Merlin, The Hunt for Red October, The Tudors, Wimbledon.

You would've thought that the world-famous paleontologist had learned his lesson from the disastrous Isla Nublar incident, but watch below as he gets roped into another prehistoric adventure:

William H. Macy as Paul Kirby

Age then: 51

Age now: 65

What else you know them from: Fargo, Shameless, Magnolia, Wild Hogs.

Téa Leoni as Amanda Kirby

Age then: 34

Age now: 49

What else you know them from: Deep Impact, The Family Man, Bad Boys, Tower Heist.

Alessandro Nivola as Billy Brennan

Age then: 28

Age now: 42

What else you know them from: A Most Violent Year, American Hustle, Selma.

Trevor Morgan as Eric Kirby

Age then: 14

Age now: 28

What else you know them from: The Sixth Sense, Mean Creek, The Patriot.

John Diehl as Cooper

Age then: 51

Age now: 65

What else you know them from: Stargate, Miami Vice, Stripes.

Bruce A. Young as M. B. Nash

Age then: 45

Age now: 59

What else you know them from: The Sentinel, Basic Instinct, Risky Business.

Laura Dern as Dr. Ellie Sattler

Age then: 34

Age now: 48

What else you know them from: Wild At Heart, The fault in Our Stars. Blue Velvet.


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