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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Legendary actor Tim Curry recently made his first public appearance since his stroke in 2012 as he was awarded The Actors Fund Lifetime Achievement Award at the Tony Awards.

And rightly so - Tim Curry shines in every role he does - especially the dark ones. He's brilliant at being evilly sexy and sexily evil - from kid-killin' clown Pennywise to kinky mad scientist, check out his dark side...

1. That Time Tim Curry Was a Child-Killing Clown

Role: Pennywise - IT

Why it was Dark: Kids of a certain generation are all thoroughly emotionally scarred from watching Tim Curry as evil clown Pennywise during childhood... and we wouldn't have it any other way!


2. That Time Tim Curry Chopped Up Dead Bodies

Role: Doctor Monro - Burke and Hare

Why it was Dark: In a movie about grave-robbing, Curry still manages to stand out as the blood-spattered scientist cutting up cadavers. He hardly blinks when he slices an artery, spraying a terrified innocent with a geyser of gore.


3. That Time Tim Curry Went Full Joker on Your Ass

Role: Farley Claymore - The Shadow

Why it was Dark: Tim Curry would have made the greatest Joker, and this maniacal laugh just proves it.


4. That Time Tim Curry Was a Serial Killer Rapist

Role: Billy Flynn - Criminal Minds

Why it was Dark: In a show predicated entirely on depraved serial killers, Curry still managed to stand out. That devastatingly wicked laugh - and some pretty repellent false teeth - made Curry the most remarkable villain the show has seen for a long time.


5. That Time Tim Curry Created His Own Sex Slave

Role: Frank N Furter - The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Why it was Dark: Frank N Furter may be the coolest, sexiest guy around, but he's pretty evil. From creating his own personal sex slave to creeping into people's beds in disguise - not to mention all the murder - only Tim Curry could make such a dark role so lovable!


6. That Time Tim Curry Was an Evil Clown, Again

Role: Gingerclown - Gingerclown 3D

Why it was Dark: Sharp teeth? Check. Attempted murder of adolescents? Check. Good to see Tim Curry up to his old tricks again...


7. That Time Tim Curry Was Basically Satan

Role: Darkness - Legend

Why it was Dark: He's the legit Lord of Darkness, creator of evil on Earth. Also he kills unicorns! There's no way back from that kind of evil - just ask Lord Voldemort.

Love Tim Curry's insanely dark roles? Check out whether you're a Pennywise or a Frank N Furter with this Tim Curry quiz!


What's your favorite dark Tim Curry role?

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