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So we all know that Michael Bay has a terrible way of making movies but imagine if he directed some different movies...

If Michael Bay directed Titanic

Rose would have been played by Megan Fox and Shia Leboeuf would play Jack. The iceberg would not have made the Titanic sink it would be a giant squid. The giant squid would explode the Titanic because the ship is full of gasoline.

The titanic would be filled with product placement like Jack will drink a Coke in the scene when they will eat dinner. The dialogue would be really bad. There would be a lot of slow motion when the ship is sinking with a lot of patriotic American flags every wear. In the iconic scene where Jack is painting Rose there would be an extreme close up on Rose's revealing upper area.

If Michael Bay directed Star Wars

Darth Vader would have been played by William Fichtner and Han Solo would have been played by Mark Wahlberg. Luke would have been played by Shia Leboeuf and Leia would have been played by Megan Fox. Princess Leia would be wearing the golden bikini from Star Wars episode 6 at all times. There would be a lot of slow motion during the lightsaber battles. The millennium falcon would have more weapons like missiles and lasers that exploded into a million pieces. The Death Star explosion would have been even bigger with more explosions. Lightsaber would create an explosion when they came in contact with a different lightsaber. R2-D2 and C-3PO would have a lot of product placements stuck onto them. Darth Vader would be more like a transformer.

-Moses Ochs


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