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Hollywood might present itself as a lavish world of glitter and impossible glamour, but the Sony hack has revealed it is also home to a breakout of crusty old mouth sores.

A survey that Sony executives required actors to fill out has revealed that there are fears within the industry about the spread of herpes between stars thanks to kissing scenes.

Katie Holmes suffers with cold sores
Katie Holmes suffers with cold sores

The cold sore questionnaire had to be filled in by stars in order for them to be insured for shoots, according to Radar Online. Despite the fact that the form is a requirement, some actors did not feel comfortable handing over the information and flat out refused to fill the invasive document out, leading to frantic exchanges with the insurance company.

Some, however, were more compliant. An Oscar nominated actress in her late fifties whom was infected with the Herpes Simplex 1 virus filled out the form and agreed to take medication to kill any risk of an outbreak.

Chris Hemsworth rocking a cold sore during his Miley Cyrus days
Chris Hemsworth rocking a cold sore during his Miley Cyrus days

Seeing as almost 90 percent of Americans probably carry Herpes Simplex 1 (the non-genital strain), I would imagine all of Hollywood must be on preventative drugs to prevent cold sores killing scheduled kissing scenes on set.

The manufacturers of Valtrex must be having a field day!

(Source: The Mirror)


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