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Summer and its blockbusters roll on, so ride the tide. Last week brought in these trends from the deep blue cyber sea:

Hear the news? Netflix's new series is making fantasies come true. But it's all nightmares with Halloween's new director. Want good and evil? Then Wicked, the new movie version, is for you.

Inside Out. The deep psychology, explained. Plus, Jon Negroni's Pixar Theory plays its insightful part. To find out what your primary emotion is, peek this personality quiz.

Re-imagination. Horror icons in couture, posters as classic portraits, & The Avengers as a sitcom cast -- we're thankful that fan art and fiction can render such hodgepodge mixups.

GOT Game of Thrones? Now that we've made it to season's end, frustrations, character analyzations, and bonus story explanations are rife. But beware: spoilers!

Chris Pratt. Chris Pratt gets parodied in photos. Chris Pratt costars with Jennifer Lawrence. Chris Pratt as you (quiz). It's a full on Pratt attack.


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