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The fusion of Final Fantasy's complex storylines and the gleeful fun of Disney has won Kingdom Hearts an army of fans that the red queen would be jealous of, and after being confirmed in 2013, there is finally more evidence the third installment is moving ever closer.

Fans have been waiting with baited breath since 2013 for Kingdom Hearts 3 and now there is finally a new trailer to add to the excitement.

Are you ready for the Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer?

Well here it is, showcased very recently at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2015 in Los Angeles:

The graphics for the new trailer sure look very colorful and incredible. Did you spot Rapunzel's tower?

I can't help but wonder how Rapunzel will be moulded into the game, but I hope she will be suitably badass. Maybe they will have her using her hair as a lasso. Or, even better still, maybe she'll use her pan as a weapon, bashing others out of her way.

Incase you missed the tower, here it is:

Screenshot: Kingdom Hearts 3
Screenshot: Kingdom Hearts 3

There was also a significantly different trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 released in 2013:

And, incase you still do not believe. Here is the official Kingdom Hearts Announcement for the Tangled collaboration:

The director Nomura Tetsuya has been extensively interviewed about the new trailer. Here is Nomura speaking about Rapunzel's debut with Engadget:

"We've announced that we're collaborating with Tangled, something we touched upon in our E3 presentation. Compared to previous titles that we folded into Kingdom Hearts, we have a lot of creators still alive. The process of gaining approvals then is pretty different. Because the animation studios are actively involved, we want to polish up anything we meet to the standards we demand, before taking it to Disney to approval. The hair of [Tangled's] Rapunzel is so unique -- we want to make sure we can realize the vision before we show it."

What else can you expect from Kingdom Hearts 3?

"In regards to supplementing the gameplay, we have removed the Reaction Commands in KINGDOM HEARTS III. QTE (Quick Time Event. Actions that execute at the touch of a button according to when it displays on screen) isn’t there anymore."
"For people who have seen the “flashy” battles in KINGDOM HEARTS II, it felt like there were too many of them when doing these operations." - director Nomura Tetsuya.

What about the Minigame production?

"For KINGDOM HEARTS III, the minigame production has already been started. Several things are in a state that cannot be simply played alone. There is likely a lot of minigames in KINGDOM HEARTS III." - Director, Tetsuya Nomura.

With fans still awaiting a release date, it seems that the only thing right now is to enjoy the trailers and to keep an eye out for clues from the developers, Square Enix.

(Source: Kingdom Hearts Insider and Master Herald)


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