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When visitors go to Disney World, they expect many things. Thrilling rides, character meet-and-greets and a healthy dose of magic, but now guests to the Happiest Place on Earth can look forward something very different - edible animal poop!

You read that correctly! Guests at Disney's Animal Kingdom can now purchase and, um, enjoy up to four different varieties of poopy delights from the brand new store 'Zuri's Sweet Shop' which has just opened in the Harambe Market in the Animal Kingdom.

Rest assured, however, all poop is purely fecal matter in looks only and the ingredient list actually makes the treats sound a lot more delicious. There are four different varieties of 'endangered feces' for guests to enjoy, which include giraffe, elephant, cotton-topped tamarin and hippo poo. All four types are made from different types of fudge with ingredients such as rolled oats, coconut flakes and pretzel pearly added to gain the appropriate texture needed for each animal.

Source: Disney Food Blog
Source: Disney Food Blog

According to the Inquisitr, the odd-looking desserts are also being used as a part of 'Wilderness Explorer,' a park-wide interactive adventure with numerous games for the kids. For this particular segment children play a "Match the Species" game, trying to guess which poop would belong to which species - informative and delicious!

Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom

For those of you willing and ready to take up the challenge of snacking on a poop treat, the snack will cost around $3.99, though for those not quite able to overcome the mental barrier and chow down, you can rest easy knowing that Zuri's Sweet Shop also offers many traditional looking sweet treats, as well as wine.

Source: Inquisitr


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