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Netflix is doing a tremendous business according to Oppenheimer.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant, which has disrupted the streaming industry with its unlimited entertainment offerings. The company has been the market leader for quite a long time now and its competitors, whether pay cable TV company or internet TV, aspire to be the streaming giant eventually. The company is not only focusing on expansions to offer its services in all parts of the world. However, it is also extending its business after announcing its various original programming. The company is determined to ‘cut the cords’.

Currently, the corporate giant is the only streaming service with the hottest momentum stock in the trading market. According to sources, if an individual intends to invest in its stocks, the investment is supposed to be doubled within three months. In short, the organization can get its investors 120% of returns.

24/7 Wall Street reports, “Netflix Inc. has been the beneficiary of incredibly positive trends in the online streaming business. The company is now looking to expand even further internationally, which most analysts are seeing as very profitable.”

Furthermore, Oppenheimer also issued a call that has lifted the price target of the company to even higher end of the spectrum among all the analysts. Its one of the most hyped expansions is in the China region, where it is also facing troubles. On the other hand, the Chinese e-commerce giant is readying its own streaming service that will take on the reigning platform on domestic and international markets.

Oppenheimer further handed the streaming service with an outperform rating and increased the price target to a massive $775 from $610. He says, “The brokerage firm bases this on its estimate that Netflix’s five oldest markets — the United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom and Ireland — will end 2015 at an average broadband penetration rate of 30%.” He believes that the company will easily have more than 239 million paid global subscribers on its platform.

In his report, he further stated, “Using Canada’s growth as a reference point, we assume varying penetration rates in international markets. We assume Latin America markets at 9% penetration in 2015 (led by Brazil), with UK/Ireland at 25%/20%, respectively.”

Netflix is currently one of the most discussed companies in the tech industry. It is not only performing best to keep itself happy, but it is also valuing customers and its viewers by providing hit online movies and TV shows every now and then. With its rapid expansion program, it is winning in the industry.


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