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Boris Jakovljevic

Social networks are crowded with a screenshot of an e-mail meant for actors interested in appearing in one of the scenes of the popular show.

It can be seen from the text that the actor has to be in a plane to Croatia, a day after the e-mail was sent, and that he should be somewhere between 25 and 50 years old.

Namely, the producers were looking for a person who was to get naked and yell: "I'm a Lannister! S**k me off!".

This role would be awarded a sum of ₤900, and the actor would have the travel and other expenses sorted out.

The e-mail contains the text which specifies that the scene is an important one in the show's season and that it will, for a hired actor, be a really exciting experience. It has been also specified that the person should not have trouble with self confidence and taking his clothes off in front of a crowd. The actor should not have had any anomalies, nor piercings, while having pubic hair is desirable.


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