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What with Jurassic World coming out and being such a huge success (They broke the record for the most made in the opening weekend at $204 million in the USA alone), there's stuff popping up left, right and centre, reminding us the Jurassic World's roots began 22 years ago. Jurassic Park was a pioneer of it's time, leading cinematography into the CGI age with a whole 15 minutes of frighteningly realistic Dinosaurs.

And there is of course, that one iconic scene where we see the T-Rex in all her glory (the same Rex as in Jurassic World icymi!). Watch the T-Rex breakout here:

Now the clever guys at Macro Lego Universe have made some use of the Jurassic World Lego and stop motion to recreate the scene. I must say I'm pretty impressed, all the scenes match up and it's pretty damn funny to see the drunk Lego Ian Malcolm messing everything up. Check it out for yourself below:

What do you think? Impressive little piece, huh?

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