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Baldwin Collins

yes it's been forty years ago when hollywood film director steven spielberg gave the movie going public of the world the block buster thriller, in the summer of 1975. i was only sixteen at the time, unable to get into theaters at the time to see it. However i am glad today to say since the invension of the video & dvd i've viewed the movie several times over the years.

i consider this movie one of steven spielberg's master pieces in filmmaking,

A story about a great white killer shark, that attacks the local people that occupy a small island named amity. the movie starts very simple with two young couples going on a late night swim on the beach, the girl beats her boyfriend by being the first one in the water, when her boy friend does manage to get off his clothes and catch-up with her he cannot find her. she's mysteriously disappears, us the viewing audience has already been exposed to her fate.

roy scheider who plays the islands chief of police martin brody has his own theory what happend to the young woman, the island's mayor vaughn played by murray hamilton isn't convinced by brody that the womans death could be a possible shark attack, being negative to the facts, the mayor has the island's tourist's dollar to think about for the up-coming 4th of july celebrations on the beach.

With a second incident, the killer shark makes it's presence felt by attacking and killing a small boy. which changes everything in amity. putting the people's lives in fear and also danger.

great performance by the late robert shaw who played quint the shark hunter whoes professional help is hired by the amity citizen's also academy award winner richard dreyfuss as marine biologist matt hooper the movie has a tense cat & mouse game leading up to a powerful climax dual between brody ( scheider ) and killer shark,

As jaws celebrate 40 years in the cinema this summer, it's worth watching it again, theres been sequals and other copy cat versions but nothing like steven spielberg's original 1975 film made in the style like alfred hitchcock films. happy 40th anniversary to the cast & crew


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