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In the official Batman V Superman teaser trailer we get a look at some soldiers that have the Superman logo painted onto their gear. The soldiers are seen bowing down to the man of steel. Many people ask the question "Who are these soldiers" we can only speculate who they are but we can come up with a few theories.

  • The government assigned the soldiers

Maybe the government gave Superman theses soldiers to take down the Batman. We can kind of see in the trailer that Batman most likely kills people which the government probably is not overjoyed about it. The government sent these to Superman for reinforcements to kill or imprison Batman. You might ask "But why does Superman need help, he's freaking Superman" well Superman is like a god but his weakness is Kryptonite and Batman is known for owning some Kryptonite and so maybe the reason Superman has the task force is incase Batman uses his Kryptonite the soldiers can still take him out. My theory is kind of proven because it seems like they are in some kind of bunker/cave, this location could possibly be the future batcave, what if they where storming his secret layer of the caper crusader?

  • They are peace keepers

Maybe these soldiers are just normal advanced task force and the reason they wear the classic Superman S is because it means hope. Maybe these soldiers are a new branch created by the government because the world has gone crazy because there is a guy dressed up as a bat running around and there is a god among them! If the world found out that aliens excited there would probably be a riot and to keep people safe they would have to create a new SWAT team called the the peace keepers. There job would be to keep the citizens that ar going mental control.

  • They are the same soldiers from Man Of Steel

There are a bunch of soldiers that appear in Man Of Steel and they aren't very nice to him. Maybe when Superman is all mighty and needs some help defeating Lex Luthor or Batman these soldiers come back to help him do defeat whoever the man of steel is fighting. This would be very possible since they show some respect to him by the end of Man Of Steel.

Remember none of this is proven, these theories are probably all wrong!

-Moses Ochs


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