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"Fallout 3 was my favorite game for several years, so I made the rational choice to start saving up bottle caps. Turns out 4.5 years of undergrad and 3 years in a Master's program leads to a lot of drinking."

Imgur user, GatorMacheteJr, submitted a group of images last week telling us about how he saved up a bunch of bottle caps ever since playing Fallout 3, which is the main form of currency in the post-apocalyptic game series. After saving back, he ended the collection with 11.2 lbs (roughly 5 kg) worth of caps, giving him somewhere in the neighborhood of 2,240 caps! He then proceeded to send the caps, and a letter with his request to Bethesda, the developers of Fallout 3 and Fallout 4, and publishers of Fallout: New Vegas.

The letter to Bethesda...

"I'm hoping if this post gets popular enough their PR department will be too nervous to turn me down."
"I'm hoping if this post gets popular enough their PR department will be too nervous to turn me down."

I couldn't help wonder if Seth had planned this for all those years, or if this was done on a whim. When asking about his mission, he said:

When I started collecting caps, I wasn't really planning on sending them off or anything. It was just something I did because I enjoyed Fallout 3 so much. I'd always been a fan of the post-apocalyptic setting because of things like "The Road Warrior" and "A Boy and His Dog", and an immersive, expansive RPG in the setting was pretty much a dream come true.

Is it even possible?

In the sea of comments, someone who works at Obsidian (developers of Fallout: New Vegas) commented on the post, and said these heart crushing words:

The last person who sent us caps only ended up having them displayed in the reception area. I don't think we sent anything back. Sorry.
That's a lot of caps!
That's a lot of caps!

That all said, Bethesda is a different company, and it's quite possible that they'll handle the situation differently as well. Although there's no doubt they're quite busy creating Fallout 4, fans like Seth are hard to come by, and I'm really hoping they do something to reward him! Maybe they'll even give him the now coveted Pip-Boy edition!

Potential for an Easter Egg?

If Bethesda doesn't hook Seth up with a pre-order, maybe they could add in a hilarious Easter Egg! Several Imgur users were having a conversation about how cool it would be to walk into an abandoned office building with a box of 2,240 caps in it, or to find Seth's letter in a trash can.

"Goodbye, my life's savings."
"Goodbye, my life's savings."

Seth said he will update with any further details once he hears back from Bethesda. Until then, we wait and hope Bethesda does something really awesome for this super-fan!

Bethesda responded to Seth! Click here to read more!


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