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vampire diaries is a Movie, based on two brothers(Stefan & Daemon) who are vampires and always fall in love with the same girl...........

it all started when they both fell in love with a girl named Katherina,who was a vampire.she turns them both,knowing their dad was a vampire hunter. Stefan killed their father in other to save his brother's life.............

there after the two brother struggled with life,killed a lot of people,had their humanity switch off,until Stefan met a lady named Lexa,She saved Stefan's life.and Stefan also tried using Lexa to help daemon too,but it was too late.Daemon roamed the streets alone in anger and so many things that would make a man bad.

After Stefan gaining his life back,he saved a couple children(Elena & Jeremy) from an accident in mystic falls,ever since he has been waiting on the girl to grow.

After some years Elena is a grown lady,who later found Stefan attractive the first time she saw him,they both fell in love with each,until the day daemon strolled in,eventually he had killed so many people and kept a girl as a prisoner literally as a blood bag,while Stefan has always been feeding on animals.

Eventually due to Daemon's presence Elena got to find out the two brothers are vampire and after sometime was okay with it.

Elena and her friends(Bonnie & Caroline) love each other,promised to take care of each other,mean while bonnie is trying to struggle with her ability as a witch, with the help of her grand mother,which she has been telling her friends and they didn't believe,but did later on.

Caroline became a vampire,and Stefan agreed to keep her under control,which he did as they all struggled with the challenges with supernatural in mystic falls.

Elena's friends(bonnie and Caroline)joined the group,her ex(matt)her bro(Jeremy;a vampire hunter)(Tyler;a wolf) and the Salvatore brothers(Stefan and Daemon) stands together to fight after the death of Alleric and Jenner,Elena's guardian,Elena became a vampire eventually and couldn't listen to what Stefan says but that f daemon,daemon thought her how to feed.

it was discovered that Elena couldn't listen to Stefan because she died with daemon's blood in her system,in other words she is sired to daemon,he was told and they tested her to be sure,and it was.mean while Elena's love for Stefan had shifted to daemon,cause when she became a vampire all her compelled off memory came back then she realised she had met daemon before Stefan........

Now the two love birds are together,daemon and Elena,Stefan fights so much to make Elena human again................THERE IS MORE TO COME,JUST FAVOURITE IT


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