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Father's Day came and went over the weekend with plenty of dad jokes and gag gifts to go around, but there were also plenty of profoundly touching moments among all the laughs.

Not many were more adorable and moving than Meadow Walker's tribute to her late father Paul Walker, who tragically passed away about a year and a half ago. It's the young girl's second Father's Day without her famously devoted dad, and she shared a little glimpse of just how great of a guy he was on her Instagram. Take a look at a young Paul and Meadow as a baby, and just try not to get choked up.

You can't get much cuter than that, but it definitely comes with a healthy dose of heartbreak, too. Even with the inherent sadness, it's clear that these two had an unbreakable relationship, and that's really what the holiday is all about.

With the massive success of his movies and the recent outpouring of support since his death, it's easy to get lost in the image of Paul Walker and forget about this very human side. That's why I'm always impressed by Meadow's willingness to share her own personal experiences with the world and show that Paul was a doting father as well as a famous figure. It's just another part of what made him such a memorable and impressive person and a reminder of how much he will always be missed.

I don't think there couldn't be a more appropriate time for this song, so here's Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth to tug at your heartstrings even more.

With Meadow's social media posts like this, it's clear that Paul's presence continues to be seen even after his death.


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