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Math was never my greatest or most favorite subject in school. But it might have been if we had been taught equations using talented and good-looking actors who were then morphed together to create another attractively handsome being.

Teachers, take note!

It's a simple math equation that is very easy to follow, thanks to Smaug who was the genius behind the equation.

Chris Pratt

You add one part Pratt...

Chris Evans one part Evans...

The Results

Stir and shake. If done correctly, you will end up with this magnificent Chris Hemsworth-like creature.

See? The likeness is uncanny.

The next time you go to your math class, bust out this equation and just watch your professor's eyes widen in surprise. You'll be sure to knock your teacher's socks off and impress them with your genius, calculator-like skills.

[Source: tumblr]


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