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I sure can't wait till Star Wars Episode 7 is released in December, though so few bones are thrown to fans, and all we can do is work with what we're given. What does the very title "The Force Awakens" say about what fans are in for when Episode 7 finally rolls around in December?

With the respective names of the Star Wars movies, it's hard to say every title after the original trilogy didn't sound just a little bit silly. I still don't really know what a phantom menace is, and while some clones did certainly attack in Episode 2, I wouldn't say that was the brunt of that movie's plot. Once again, the Star Wars fandom is collectively trying to decipher what "The Force Awakens" actually means. The title of [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158) is likely the most explicit. After much contemplation, I've come to the revelatory conclusion that the force might actually awaken in this movie. Other than that, what questions does this title bring up?

Firstly, did the force even go away (or more aptly, go to sleep?) I watched those first three movies, and it sure looked like Luke was moving stuff with his mind! Maybe Obi-Wan just made a hologram of himself, and attached fishing wire to everything Luke looked at in the most elaborate trolling the galaxy had ever seen. Many fans were at first inclined to guess that this movie would depict the reinstatement of the Jedi order, and that the title was simply reflecting that progress. I'm not so sure about that, since most of the promotional material for Episode 7 stuck with the old rebels fighting the empire dynamic. Over thirty years are implied to have passed since Return of the Jedi, so we can only assume that whatever power Luke and Yoda were wielding in those movies has diminished somewhat. Will Star Wars Episode 7 give us an answer?


Ahh the good old Star Wars movies.
Ahh the good old Star Wars movies.

Yes. I know. Dirty word. I'll put a penny in the prequels jar when this article is done. I'm not suggesting that JJ Abrams would even think about bringing one of the most hated elements of Star Wars on to his Noah's Arc of canon. The question remains over whether Episode 7 will concern itself with some kind of naturalistic, phenomenological approach to the force. The first trailer for The Force Awakens stated "there has been an awakening", with the a spooky Emperor-sounding man asking "have you felt it?" like some pretentious new age musician asking you if you liked his three-hour ambient album. There's a definite implication that there is going to be some fundamental change to the world of Star Wars, but since we've all seen the force in action right from the start, I can't imagine what it would be!

Kylo Ren

The guy is on a mission!
The guy is on a mission!

The one character who's featured prominently in the trailers for Episode 7, and who could likely provide some answers to the mystery of the force in this movie is this guy. When the voice in the first trailer mentions something having awoken, "the dark side" is top of the list, while Kylo Ren is shown trudging across the snow with his oh so contentious hilted lightsaber. Does this imply that he is what's awoken? Is Kylo Ren a new type of Sith that poses some all-encompassing threat? The second trailer for Episode 7 does a good job of showing that the force is very much alive and well in this movie, yet only really pertains to Kylo Ren. He's shown with his hand outstretched, clearly influencing something off screen. Of course he has the force! He's invoking basic Star Wars body language, unless he's simply channeling the villainous "I'll get you next time!" pose. That's just as likely.

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Will Kylo Ren be the Sith second coming in Episode 7?


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