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Sehaj Singh

So the story can include any threat

The villain : the story writer

All mighty and powerful with the motto taken too seriously that the pen became mightier than the laser beams!

Team one : D.C. And Marvel superheroes united.

All written and presented by the great almighty Stan Lee. Wearing tights, spandex, helmets, armours and even stars! So powerful that some can kill gods and some can't even be touched by any weapon known.

Team two: Delsin Rowe

Protagonist of the game Infamous

Has the power of absorbing powers of other conduits who were the result of an experiment by Cole MacGrath. Plus he knows how to do graffiti.

The Survivor

The writer just erases the superheroes' stories of powers and suits from history and turns them into normal humans with some having weird names like 'Thor' or 'Kale"

But the writer doesn't know graphic design, hence Delsin Rowe comes along sets him on fire takes the pen and gives the heroes now turned into humans bad hairstyles and legalizes graffiti and demolishes the borders in the comic world!


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