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Despite being (relatively) kept under wraps, after months of rumors, plenty of fan speculation, and just about everything but studio confirmation, it should come as a shock to no one that Hugh Jackman is officially returning as Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse!

Kika NY, a New York based custom leather goods company, recently confirmed all of our suspicious. The company let it slip that Jackman is currently in Montreal filming Apocalypse after posting the following image to Instagram.

The image has since been removed, but they revealed that Wolverine would be making an appearance, and that he'll be using an awesome custom duffle backpack. The post reads:

We were just asked to make a special duffle backpack for Hugh Jackman who is filming the new X-Men movie in Montreal.

Since the man hasn't missed appearing in an X-Men movie since 2001, why would he slow down just before permanently retracting his claws and putting out his cigar in 2017?

Now we're just left speculating how much of a role Jackman will end up playing. Will we be seeing a brief cameo, or will he be an integral part of the storyline? When talking to Happy Sad Confused, Jackman was sure to be pragmatic in his response to the question, stating:

I have been speaking with the guys and I am not at liberty to tell exactly what's going on. Which is largely framing my answer here. But there's still a lot unknown, actually, about that. What I do know is there are some very exciting things about integrating the whole X-Men world, including the Wolverine movie. There's some really cool things going on.

While there's not much we can say for certain given his vague and evasive response, it sounds like something pretty big is going to happen with X-Men: Apocalypse. Even though it might feel to some like Jackman should start gearing down given his retirement, I think he's going to go big - before going home.

Since the events of X-Men: The Last Stand (and essentially all of the original X-Men timeline) seem to have been erased from history, I don't think Fox will be able to tie up Jackman's storyline in just one movie. This suggests, to me at least, that Wolverine's role will definitely be larger than what we saw in X-Men: First Class, and I'm not complaining,

I have my doubts in this world, but the fact that "really cool things" are going on in the X-Men world isn't one of them. After over a decade in the role, I'm going to soak up as much Hugh Jackman as I can before he's gone for good.

[X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) is set to hit theaters on May 27, 2016

(Via:, HappySadConfused)


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