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HBO premiered its new summer slate of Sunday shows last night, and newcomer Ballers started off with a strong premiere thanks to Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson at the center of the action. The story follows current and former football players and was one of the top trending topics in the United States for pretty much all of last night. The response was overwhelmingly positive and shows major signs of staying power.

Though we still don't have ratings for the premiere, public opinion is pointing to a great turnout. Let's take a look at the positive response to Ballers, and see if you'll soon consider this freshman player a contender!

Pair The Rock with famous athletes and you've got TV gold

Many loved the unabashedly fun tone and insanely charismatic lead performance from The Rock. This is his major opportunity to headline a show, and HBO made a wise choice in betting on him.

Even those with middling reactions to the show praised The Rock's performance

It's great seeing the response from fans and celebrities alike who clearly have a lot of respect for the always-reliable Dwayne Johnson.

You've got inevitable comparisons to Entourage

But that's working toward Ballers' benefit as it's the clearest heir apparent to that massive show that's been off of HBO for years.

And the stars are clearly proud of it

This kind of engagement and charm is exactly why the show works so well. Who doesn't want more of The Rock in their lives?

Just one problem

That's right even the so-called problem is due to people wanting more. Not a bad start at all.

The outpouring of support was so substantial that The Rock took to Instagram to send out his appreciation to all those who watched.

Here's the caption that accompanied this post:

Thank you for the hugely positive response to . Had a feelin' y'all would really dig it. A sneak into the up coming weeks.. SUNDAY NIGHTS 10pm on HBO.

Once again, The Rock manages to be a master of promo while appearing totally down-to-Earth and likable. He certainly makes the show's title especially fitting.


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