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Hi readers, I'm back this week with another alternative movie poster ! This time i've made a tribute to the movie "Her" directed by the talented "Spike Jonze". Starring Joaquin Phoenix as the main character and the voice (yep only the voice) of Scarlett Johansson.

I went to see this movie without knowing very much of it , I saw the trailer on the web , and images were nice, music too so I followed my girlfriend who wanted to see it. Well it was a really good idea, I really don't regret it !

Here's WHY: ( This is a personal advice of course , it may vary from people to people ;) )

1. This is a really poetic movie , a kind of movie that has a lot of mood in it. I didn't see many things like that, it's got this special universe a kind of futuristic but very believable world where everyone is immersed in the "technology" society. I would say that for me this movie is very graphic !

2. The story is original.

3. You can feel the emotions of each characters through the movie, it makes you laugh , or even cry for the most sensible of us. You get easily immersed in this world. The recipe for a good movie.

ARTWORK POSTER : Why I've Created It Like That.

For this poster I've chosen to stay close to the original movie poster of "Her", but I really wanted to express more the poetic and artistic side of the character so I decided to create a painterly portrait of Joaquin Phoenix focusing on colors and brushstrokes try to represent emotions "graphically".

Hope you'll like this new one, feel free to comment my post talking about the movie , the poster of if you have questions , I'll be happy to answer.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post !


link to watch the trailer of "her" :


Did you like the movie "Her" ?


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