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Baldwin Collins

I found this movie entertaining a little predictable, but good. keanu reeves seems to replicate nearly all of his action hero performances, john wick follows in nearly all the characters we've liked or felt sorry for. reeve's john wick character you really feel sorry for, the strange thing about it, he's a retired hitman/ assassin. whose left that life behind him, or has he ? the movie nearly starts at the end, showing us the viewer that john wick has been wounded possibly from some shoot out gun fight. then the director carries us to the beginning of the story, he simply stops at a gas station filling -up his mustang sports car, not really noticing other drivers admiring his car. fellow customer ask's him if he's selling the car, wick say's it's not for sale, and drives off

the same men are not pleased with his answer, and seeks out where he lives. they break-in on john wick give him a merciless beating kills his dog, and steal's his car. What makes this story interesting is the person who steal's his car. is wick's former bosses son, which complicates the situation causing wick to resort to revenge and becoming the assassin/ hitman he was before.

the action in this movie is consistant with up close shooting left right and center. hollywood star willem defoe plays fellow hitman whoes hired to kill john wick,

if you haven't seen this movie yet, check it out great action must see movie.


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