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Most of the people on this list never had a shot at the big time but fans have been dying to see these superhero's brought into cinemas. So without further delay here are seven Superhero side-kicks or Superhero side-kick teams that deserve a shot on the big screen.

1. Young Justice- (Robin, Artemis, Kid Flash, Miss. Martian, Aqualad, and Superboy)

Just as good as the Justice League
Just as good as the Justice League

Young Justice focuses more on the young superheros of the DC Universe. The television show that was originally on Cartoon Network followed the lives of the teens as they worked on covert missions as the young counterpart to the adult team, the Justice League. This movie could actually have a slight chance of happening since the Justice League Part One movie is in the works and could easily set the foundation for Young Justice. A movie for Young Justice would be amazing and would open new doors for other movies because Young Justice has so many heroes like Zatanna, Speedy,Rocket, Batgirl, and Wondergirl by introducing these characters that have never been on the big screen; DC would have the opportunity to branch out and challenge themselves by bringing in all these amazing characters.

Just don't call them side-kicks.

2. The Bat Family- (Batman, Batgirl, Red Hood, Nightwing, Red Robin, Robin)

Time for a family meeting
Time for a family meeting

"The Bat Family" operates as a group of similarly-minded heroes that operate in and around Gotham city under The Batman. The entire group respects Batman as the legend he is and rarely challenge his authority. "The Bat Family" basically operates as Batman's surrogate family to make sure he doesn't slip to far into his ruthless personality as Batman. By saying this this would be an interesting story to tell and a way to show the various characters of the Batman universe and bring them out from Batman's shadow. If the cast is right and the script is great this could be a legendary movie that will have people talking for ages. Here's Batman and his family in action.

3. Nightwing-(The entire Bat Family and of course Nightwing)

Nightwing is the first boy wonder but then outgrew the tights and moved on to to become Nightwing. Even though Nightwing broke off from Batman he still remains as an important part of "The Bat Family." Nightwing is a dynamic character that would be so interesting to watch on the big screen. Seeing Nightwing' s transition from Robin to Nightwing would be amazing. Plus, we'd be finally be moving away from Gotham and introducing a whole new city into the Batman Universe, Bludhaven. By introducing Nighwing it also brings about new threats like Black Mask and Blockbuster instead of the usual Joker threat, but that doesn't mean we lose the usual villian line up since Bludhaven is right next store to Gotham. With the mix of that stuff we love and the stuff we want to see, this acrobat would be an amazing addition to the DC cinematic universe. Here's a glimpse of Nightwing in action.

4. Red Hood-(Red Hood and the rest of The Bat Family)

You've got red on you.
You've got red on you.

The Red Hood started off as the second Robin until he had a run in with a crowbar (if you know what I mean) he was then resurrected by the Lazarus pit and came back to Gotham in the guise of Red Hood. Jason Todd's story was played out extremely well in Batman Under The Red Hood, but that was an animated version. Personally, I would love to see Todd's story brought to the big screen because there is so much more to him then just being Batman's side-kick. Here's a glimpse at Red Hood in action.

5. The Teen Titans- (Starfire, Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy)

The Teen Titans are an organized group of young vigilantes that come together to fight crime. The Teen Titans differ from Young Justice because their goal is to distinguish themselves from their mentors unlike Young Justice whom still operate under their adult counterparts. The Teen Titans expand so far that they have established a world-wide operation. The incarnation of The Teen Titans that I would want to see brought to life is the Teen Titans from television that lasted from 2003-2006 on Cartoon Network which I believed was the best adaption for me personally. This all teen group would be amazing to see on the big screen using their powers to band together and fight some evil. Here are The Teen Titans in action.


Which Superhero Side-Kick or Superhero Side-Kick Team would you like to see most on the big screen?


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