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Not much of a comic book reader in fact i've never read a comic book because they do not sell it in my country but i love reading your blogs
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We've all seen the two hellboy movies and speaking for myself i loved that cigar smoking, constant swearing demon. But the question we've all been dying to ask is:" WHAT IS THE FAITH OF OUR BELOVED CRIME FIGHTING DEMON?"

If you have payed attention in the two precious movies, you would have found the subtle hints or easter eggs if you wish hidden in them, not one but in both of them in the following way

1. Hellboy 1:

When facing rasputin, he asked hellboy about the reason why he would ignore his true demonic nature as well as informing him that his faith is to bring destruction, chaos and anarchy to the world. In other words, he's the pending apocalypse

2. Hellboy 2 the golden army:

When injured by the prince Nuada, hellboy was taken to the angel of death who once again implied that the faith of hellboy is unleashing his hellish nature into the world which would lead into the predicted apocalypse. Keeping in mind that lyse is pregnant with hellboy's twin demon babies

With that being said, there shouldn't be a single doubt that there was a plan to make a third hellboy movie which would turn the two parter into a trilogy. But the news that shocked all the hellboy lovers is that the sequel was shot down because it was too expensive ( can you believe that?) but according to recent post from will's war it seems as if there's still hope of seeing the third hellboy movie (THANK GOD). But that will take us back to our original question:" what is the faith of hellboy?"

If you have been paying attention to the MCU you'll notice that the infinity war is right around the corner and it will be prepared for through captain america 3 civil war that will ultimately lead to the infinity war therefore, the destruction of the whole universe in order to start all over again but we still don't know how Marvel will make it happen

Due to that fact, you can't help but think that the faith of hellboy will play a role in this pending MCU apocalypse since he is in fact the actual pending apocalypse

So what will we see in the third hellboy movie?

Given my first idea, i would say that hellboy 3 will show the conflict between hellboy's demonic nature and his human side to eventually show him turning into the demon that he was always set to be ( another good hero turns to the dark side) and i can't help but think that his baby twins will have a hand in this transaction

with that being said please leave your comments about what i've wrote and feel free to write any of your ideas. And please keep in mind that i never read comic books and i've based my entire knowledge on movies and what i've read from you


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