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Jordan Weiss

As much as I am a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy,part of me is hugely disappointed that we will never see Chris Pratt play Barry Allen. It's pretty obvious that Marvel made the right choice when they cast him to play Star-lord. But I think it'll suck to never see it. I'm for sure not the first to come up with this and I can only guess how many others who fancast probably would disagree or dismiss it entirely. Say he's too old even though I've seen at least 90% of fans would cast Bradley Cooper,and he's in his 40s. Not to say that my choice is the far superior, it's just a something that really intrigues me. I dont happen to be pleading my case or crying about it as i no doubt expect from folks that happen to read this and comment either, just sharing an opinion but take it how you want.People who fancast always want to see their choice actors or actresses play the part they believe would be awesome. And sometimes there's one in particular that stands out and for me that's Chris Pratt/The Flash. Would be fun and fantastic I believe. Feels like a shame,but still get to enjoy him working with Marvel.


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