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As of recently, I obtained an urge to create a fantastic Spider-Man Trilogy. The first two movies, the Sam Raimi pictures, were good movies and I never really loved the third movie in the trilogy. As for the Marc Webb flicks, the first one was okay, a decent one, and I enjoyed the second picture significantly more. However, I still want to create the perfect trilogy for all fans of the character Spider-Man. Here is my idea for the first film involving Eddie Brock's Venom as the main villain.


Source: Wikipedia Page for Venom

The first picture would be similar to the concept we have upcoming now, not an origin, just Peter Parker already being Spider-Man. The film would start with Peter, played by Andrew Garfield, turning in more and more pictures to the Daily Bugle and eventually, head photographer Eddie Brock, played by Tom Hardy, loses his position to Parker because of this. Brock becomes extremely depressed and stops showing up to work. Meanwhile, we do get to see more relationship action with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, who will not die in this series as she did in the Amazing Spider-Man series. Eventually, after a mysterious asteroid hits land in a town near New York City, we get our first look at the Venom Symbiote. After some time, the Symbiote makes it to Spidey, who uses it to repair cuts in his suit. As he sleeps, it spreads entirely over his suit and when Spidey notices this, he gets Gwen to take a look at it. Gwen, going off a scientific background, identifies it as a symbiote and when Spidey tries to put his suit back on, he finds the symbiote and suit resist him, as it is trying to take Parker as a host. After Stacy reveals sound hurts the suit, Peter heads to a church to use the bells to get rid of the suit. He fights against the symbiote as well as the intense sounds coming from the church bells. Incidentally, Eddie Brock happens to be at the same church, asking God for help in his life and to help him overcome Peter Parker, the man who stole his job. As Peter is defeated by the intense sounds from the bells, it is revealed as it is in the comics, that the symbiote has grown emotions and has sacrificed itself to save Peter. As it saves Peter, who lays near the bells unconscious, and moves away, dying, it takes host on Eddie Brock, who screams and yells but ultimately succumbs. END OF THE FIRST ACT

We begin in first person view of Eddie as he wakes up in the alley, confused as how he got here. Apparently, the men from the church tossed Eddie out here and now Eddie is able to explore his new found powers. He realizes that he is like the opposite of Spider-Man and that he can use this to destroy Peter Parker. Meanwhile, more exploring of Gwen and Peter's relationship dynamic and Gwen's concern about Peter's exposure to the symbiote. We then see Eddie tearing through New York City, robbing banks, killing innocents in his search for Peter Parker. He eventually takes J. Jonah Jameson hostage, played by the wonderful J.K. Simmons. People begin to wonder if this is the anti Spider-Man, if Spider-Man is now evil or if this is a mutant sent to destroy all. In the end of our second act, a fight between Venom and Spider-Man in front of the famous New York Public Library occurs. Spider-Man is hurt badly and Venom is ruthless, slamming Spidey into buildings and lifting him up and throwing him into the lions. He eventually knocks him unconscious and grabs him, swinging off to find out who Spider-Man is and how Peter Parker continues to take pictures. END OF THE FIRST ACT

After taking off Spidey's mask, he uncovers the truth that Peter is Spidey and he grabs a weapon, ready to kill him. However, Spidey's spider-sense kicks in, his eyes snap open and stops the sword Venom was about to impale him with. He breaks his bonds, grabs his mask as he sends webbing at it and brings it back to him and swings through the window Venom broke when he entered the room. He finds Venom is giving him chase, but loses his when the experienced Spidey swings extremely close to traffic. Venom gives up his chase and heads back to his room to plot how to defeat Peter. Peter goes home, warns his friends and family and then calls up Nick Fury, played by Samuel L. Jackson who he met during Civil War, to tell him about the symbiote. Gwen reminds him about the sound issue with the symbiote. Eventually, Spider-Man goes off into the night, with Gwen and Aunt May safe at home, to find Venom as Nick Fury and his workers rush to NYC to capture the symbiote. Venom and Spidey intercept each other and collide in another intense battle. However, this time Spidey uses Times Square to his advantage, using the high decibel volume of the area to disrupt Venom's strength. Eventually, Spider-Man is able to defeat Venom, knocking him out. Nick Fury and company take him to a safe area where they rid Eddie of the symbiote, placing him in their custody and keeping the symbiote safe, just in case they ever need to use it. Spidey swings home to be with Gwen and Aunt May. END OF ACT THREE

Post-Credits: Zoom shot on the Bestman and Toomes building in Staten Island, symbolizing the appearance of Vulture in the second installment.

Source: Vulture page on Wikipedia

Thanks for reading and if you would like my plan for the second movie please comment so.


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