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Spoiler-Free Review

Pixar has given us exactly fifteen animated films so far, starting with the famous Toy Story in 1995. As a child, I absolutely loved Toy Story growing up and became familiar with Pixar's other films such as Monsters Inc. and Toy Story 2. I'm also going to confess that I really like Cars, though Cars 2 was a decent but forgettable sequel that I won't be seeing again, at least not by choice.

After fourteen Pixar films, most of which are really fun and also in some cases emotional rides, we get Inside Out, which may very well be one of the best Pixar films to date. If you haven't seen Inside Out yet, I strongly recommend you do. This is some of Pixar's storytelling at its finest. In fact, it's so good that I don't even really want to give away the premise. Let's just say that just about all of the characters are actually a little girl's emotions inside her head being personified. There's Joy, Sadness, Disgust, Fear, and Anger, and they all take part in controlling the girl Riley's actions and thoughts.

Despite its obvious marketing towards young audiences, there's a lot here that adults can digest. I myself am twenty and found things here in this movie that even made me think. I'm really huge into psychology and how the mind works, so the subject matter of this film was perfect even if a lot of the aspects come from an adolescent point of view since it's centered around an eleven-year old girl. One of those aspects in particular is one of the characters who is actually a personification of Riley's "imaginary friend", but he's been tucked further into the back of the girl's mind because she doesn't really think about him anymore. The way Riley handles different situations in her life and the decisions she makes affects the personifications living inside her head and the different "islands" that represents her psychology. You'll just have to watch it to see for yourself what I mean by all of this. All I can really say is is that it's very creative stuff.

Now it's "hate-on-Forrest" time for a little bit. I'm going to be really honest, not a lot of Pixar films have really made me tear up. Toy Story 3 made me feel a little emotional but I was also taken aback by how oddly dark it was for a movie marketed towards young children. For some really weird reason, Up didn't make me shed a single tear though I still really liked it. However, somehow recently I've ended up shedding tears from two movies: American Sniper and this. Yes, this movie made me cry. Even when I think back to it now, I get emotional. This movie had several powerful scenes that will go on a list of memorable scenes in Pixar movies. The way the story unfolds and the characters' journeys all leads to such a powerful scene that I just can't say anything about. All I will say is that the scene only makes me look forward to the day I will be a parent even more.

I can list my opinions on the voice acting and the music score, but I feel like it's almost unnecessary, given how much I just really praised the movie above. Everyone in the movie plays their parts beautifully, with a particularly hilarious role filled by Bill Hader as Fear. Bill is always a joy to either see or hear in his roles and his role here is no exception. I'm going to be honest, I can't really praise the music score very highly because I can barely remember it now. To me, a good music score is one that I can remember long after I've seen the movie or played the video game. Scores by John Williams and Howard Shore are normally always remembered, but unfortunately I can't say much about the score here in this movie because I can't really remember it. This shouldn't discourage you from seeing the film obviously, but a good music score can normally help a visual story.

In conclusion, I can't stress it enough to you how serious I am about seeing this movie. The animation is gorgeous and colorful, the story is engaging, it's funny, it's extremely clever, and it can entertain kids as well as intrigue adults. This is a family-friendly film that deserves a spot in the A-list of movies this year. So far it hasn't been a bad year for movies at all, let's hope this trend continues.


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