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When I was younger and when this series was airing, I could care less about this show. I had thought I had matured past the "childish" medium of animation. Aside from movies, I hadn't really watched any cartoon series for a long time. This all changed when I had entered High School. It was then that I realized that my inner child had not left me. Although most of them were older animated series from the early 2000's, they did not seem too dated to me at all.

But it wasn't until around last summer that this show caught my eye. I had heard people talk about it now and then and about how terrible the movie was. Which speaking of the movie, is what got me to watch this show. Let me explain that I didn't see the movie and neither do I intend seeing it anytime soon, but hearing everyone saying that it was such a slap in the face to the source material made me wonder if this series was worth checking out. Now I can't say I was instantly hooked by the first two episodes, but my philosophy when watching TV shows is that you can rarely judge a show entirely on its first episode. So I kept watching and soon I made it through the entire series within the course of a week. Then after that I entered into a bit of an Avatar fever, but let's not discuss that, let's review the series by each book.

Book 1:Water

Although I'm not overly fond of this season, it's still pretty solid and necessary for the series. It provides a lot of information about our characters and builds up story lines that aren't even resolved in the first season. Even though its not the most exciting season, you can still appreciate it for all of its world building and such. Watching this season is sort of like watching the Fellowship of the Ring in that it might be a little slow, its still an enjoyable ride.

Book 2: Earth

After recently getting the box sets, this was the Season I really wanted to watch first. There are many reasons why I like this Season better than the first, but the main reason that I like it is all of the crazy turns this season had. This season is very reminiscent of Empire Strikes Back in my opinion (which isn't a bad thing). That is that this season and Empire are the middle chapters of their respective sagas and that everything goes to hell in both. Plus they both have that darkish ending that makes you wonder if the heroes will end up on top (but considering its a children's cartoon on Nikelodeon, they have to succeed in the end.) Also this season introduces Toph, and Toph is just plain awesome. Plus the whole Ba Sing Se story line, genius and very dark for a family show.

Book 3: Fire

This Season is just as good if not better than season 2. Its just so hard to decide which I like more. I mean you can tell they spared no expense. This finale was near perfect. From the fights to the feels, book three was not a lackluster ending like some other shows or even movie trilogies. This one managed to stay just as good if not better than book 2.

But as you have noticed, I did not give the series a perfect score, and that is partly due to my philosophy that no movie or TV show is perfect, but there are some problems that need to be addressed.


First of all, this show really likes to introduce things and leave them unresolved. For example, Zuko's mother. You think they are going to tell you in the finale but then you get nothing and the only way you get to find out is if you read the comics.

Next, the romance. I know this show isn't catered towards teens or young adults, but seriously, enough of the will they won't they.

Finally, this is a specific complaint about book 2. What was the point of Zuko's character arc in season 2. I mean l enjoyed seeing Zuko develop as a character, but I just feel he went through the same arc twice, and its annoying.

Plus he has that weird sickness thing that makes him all happy go lucky for one episode, then when he sees Azula, he's back to the same old Zuko.

Despite those nit picks, I still think this is a solid show and no matter what your age is, you should watch this.


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