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Mark Capehart

I'm BACK!!!!! Had a to deal with more than a few things but I am back writing and have about a half dozen posts waiting to get put up on here. But while they are being tweaked just a quick comment on some changes and things.

Yes I will still be doing my list and summaries of classic off beat stuff and my academic ranting on obscure movies. what kind of scholar would i be if i did not sound intellectually condescending in public!?!? I will be doing some other things though.

For one, like today, more commentary on the state of nerd life in these modern ages. Why this you may ask. Well, as i get to more events and see the things I am involved in evolve i feel the need to shoot down some old stereotypes and make my feelings known about the state of nerddom which in my mind is the perfect indicator for the state of the country as a whole. Want an example....we to bad I am giving you one anyway.

The other day I was at a comedy show at my favorite comic book shop. They have these every month and this time it was birds of prey edition. That means ALL FEMALE comics. 7 comics and a packed house as far as I could tell and people were laughing and having a good old geek time. To me this was a true sign that the image of the male only nerd club is pretty much dead except in the eyes of a few alpha nerds who really need an atomic wedgy. Another comic store i like has a geek girls hang out group where teen girl nerds can hang and work on their various nerdy skills with mentors and a place to strut their stuff. No eyebrows raised by the nerds, only by mainstream people who find it weird that a girl does not want to get judged by her looks. more on stuff like this later and more on how the multiculturalism of the nerd/geek/interesting people world is finally being acknowledged as multicultural. But again more on that later.

Other things i will be doing is looking at the history and trans-media world of horror and all things horrific. From legends and texts to art and trans-media before anyone knew what trans-media is. Three uses of the same word in 1 and a half sentences..A NEW RECORD!!! but this will take a historical view of the world and see how everything old is new again or how everything new is now suddenly old.

That is all for now. Hold tight while I gather images and clips and run with all these things. TTFN


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