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This is a one draft rant so please excuse all grammatical, punctuational, and mechanical errors.

Lionsgate is currently working on a MIghty Morphin Power Rangers Reboot, and it's barely being talked about. Maybe because there hasn't been much released so there isn't anything to talk about, but allow me to break the ice with this rant.

I'll argue that Power Rangers will be (if done correctly) the best forthcoming superhero movie.

  • Expanded Universe.

At Power Rangers' onset no one could predict it's longevity. With each passing season the universe grew. The audience was introduced to new planets, aliens, new Rangers, and hints at a bigger force. Season two introduced the scariest villain ever conceived.

Lord Zedd is just a skinless, evil man, with metal bones, and an angry voice that will haunt your kids nightmares, but he's also something else. He's a Lord, and he sent Rita to conquer Earth. As the series goes on the audience is introduced to more villains and finally we arrive at Power Rangers in Space. Dark Specter is finally revealed as the leader of The United Evil Alliance. Think of it as an empire trying to expand across the universe. Power Rangers is basically a military show but with multicolored soldiers instead of camouflage. This all culminates in the final episodes of what I refer to as the Zordon Saga.

Every villain and every Power Ranger spread across the universe is pitted in this final desperate battle. This can be Liongates franchise! From the first Mighty Morphin Power Rangers film they can build towards this. Start the movie with Andros on KO-35 loses a battle and Zhane being placed into a coma. Show the Gold Ranger fighting against the Machine Empire on Triforia. Show the Alien Rangers battling on Aquitar! Establish these shots then build toward the war over a series of films. The biggest problem is, "Ah after ten thousand years I'm free. It's time to conquer Earth." I'm currently writing a fan-made Power Ranger Graphic Novel, and in that novel I did the above, and then I had Zordon chasing Rita through space before she can get to Earth. What happens is they both go through a worm hole and end up 10,000 years in the past. They battle on Earth, Rita is captured, Zordon is influenced by the dinosaurs, and builds the Dinozords, then traps himself in an inter-dimensional time warp; so that he can still be around when and if Rita ever escapes her prison.

  • Diversity

We've heard the jokes, the Black Ranger is black, the Yellow Ranger is Asian, but it works! Every Avenger is white, every member of the upcoming Batman v Superman are white. I know they pepper in some diversity with War-Machine, and Nick Fury. This is why Power Ranger is awesome, if you're Asain, you have a heroine to look up to. If you're Black, Zack is amazing!If you're a girl, you have Kimberly. If you're a nerd, you have Billy. Then we still have Tommy and Jason to rep the whites. During the Green with Evil saga, Jason is captured and Zack takes over as leader of the Power Rangers, and does something every fan has always asked, "why not use the Megazord before the monsters grow?" He does this. He calls the Megazord to fight the, regular size, Green Ranger! The Green Ranger escapes immediately and the Rangers win that battle. Fast forward to Turbo, and we have T.J.

First Black leader of the Power Rangers. Wait -- I missed something....

Season 3, first female leader of the Power Rangers! The Power Rangers have diversity, and that's something our big screen heroes are missing.

  • The Fighting

I saw Stephen Amell post once that his season two finale fight scene was unlike anything on tv. Watch one episode of Power Rangers.

Remember Power Rangers are aimed at 7 year olds; so it's never dark. You'll never see someone pull a sword out of his leg and kill a Power Ranger.

I'll finish this section up quick with Megazords. Remember how cool Pacfific Rim was? That's basically every episode of Power Rangers, and what's cool is that the Rangers have no confinement. They can take their fights to space! One thing that I loved about the original Power Rangers movie that Man of Steel messed up was, protect the city!

Say what you will about the first Power Rangers movie, but one thing that they did right was protect people. Before combining with the other zords and fighting Ivan Ooze, Tommy, the White Ranger, and his Falconzord pull a Superman and help repair a bridge so that a train may safely cross.

Both are unrealistic, but it's nice to see them try. Oh, and another thing the Power Rangers did right that Man of Steel did wrong... THEY TOOK THE FIGHT TO SPACE! Superman in Man of Steel flew to space before fighting Zodd. It was established as an option. The Rangers took Ooze to Space and smack right into a comet.

  • Psychology

I'll make this quick. One thing that I loved about season one of Power Rangers and slightly into season two was Jason and Tommy's trials. Tommy was constantly haunted and even had nightmares about his time as an evil Ranger as well as losing his powers, but he kept fighting, and eventually won the privilege of the White Ranger. Jason blamed himself for allowing Tommy to lose his Green Ranger power and was always trying to make up for it but proving himself and never letting his teammates suffer a similar fate. These are both respectively very cool concepts that can work cinematically.

  • Teenagers

Lastly, the best part about Power Rangers is that, they're just regular kids. The have to cram for tests, put up with the comical school bullies, try to impress girls, and just do what regular teens do. Until giant monster attack anyways.

That is my rant. It's sloppy but hopefully enjoyable.


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