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Here we go. The final hours before Batman: Arkham Knight. I can't believe we are at the finish line waiting for the summer's most anticipaded game. I'm starting to remember my reaction when I saw the first trailer of this game.

Just soo many amazing stuff about this game. Starting from the new batman suit to the Arkham Knight. I can't describe how am I feeling right in this moment. I'm shure this game is going to be the best game of this summer.

Now I imagine that someone might ask ,,Why do you think like that ? '' (I can't imagine such a stupid question) and my answer is going to be :

1. It's a Batman game. 2. It has great combat system with new fight moves, improved graphics, interesting story filled with many missions, new batman suit and batmobile, also it comes with few DLS's.3. Iconic villians from the batman universe and one new- the Arkham Knight.

So that's why it should be the best game of this summer.

Also here is the launch trailer of the game.

Thanks for reading !!!


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