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Awad Daniel

As Spoiler TV reported yesterday, an Hawkgirl spin-off was seemingly on the way at the CW but still on early production. But today, all those rumors were refuted by Ciara Renée herself.

Sadly, the perspective of seeing the first live-adaptation of Hawkgirl is apparently off the table. Nevertheless, as the DC TV Universe is expanding, we could see Hawkgirl getting her own show in a near future.

With already three shows on air, putting a fourth hero on screen could be problematic for The CW. As I'd love seeing new superheroes show every year, I think the network need to find the perfect balance, between comic book adaptation and others type of series. Getting too fast while it's working could turn against them.

In any case, Hawkgirl is still coming on the new DC's Legends Of Tomorrow, scheduled in early 2016 with Rip Hunter, White Canary and many others !


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