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Well, like many of us expected, Jurassic World reigns supreme at the top of the Box Office this past weekend, but exactly how well did it do?

Here are the TOP 5 at the US Domestic Box Office this past weekend:

1) JURASSIC WORLD - $102 Million

2015's king of the box office, Jurassic World, grossed $204 Million on it's opening weekend and to nobody's surprise, hit the #1 spot again this weekend with an incredible $102 Million. The film has already grossed $981 Million Worldwide in a week and is set to be the fastest $1 Billion movie ever! This past Monday the film grossed $25 Million, and that was on a weekday! There's no doubt that Jurassic World will hit $1 Billion sometime this week with repeat viewings as audiences seem to be loving this film. I've seen the film two times now and I really enjoy it, it's a very fun movie, of course I have my issues with the film but this is great summer fun and if you're one of the rare people who haven't seen the film yet, I highly recommend it!

2) INSIDE OUT - $91 Million

Pixar's newest masterpiece as critics are hailing it didn't quite hit the numbers that Jurassic World did, but had a more than impressive opening weekend. This is Pixar's second biggest opening of all time, right behind Toy Story 3 in 2010 which made $110.3 Million on it's debut. The film is being called one of Pixar's finest films, scoring a magnificent 98% on Rotten Tomatoes. I unfortunately have not seen the film yet as it only opens in the UK in late July, but I am very excited for the film, I have stayed away from almost all trailers for the film.

Whilst Inside Out didn't top the Box Office this weekend, it did break a very impressive record. Inside Out is now the biggest debut ever for an original film, a completely original idea, not a sequel, reboot or franchise film, this is a very impressive milestone for Pixar. Unfortunately for Pixar, this weekend has put an end to their winning streak. Prior to Inside Out, each Pixar film had opened at No. 1.

3) SPY - $10.5 Million

The new Paul Feig comedy which I think surprised most of us in terms of how action packed and funny it actually is, has now grossed $130 Million Worldwide. If you haven't seen the film yet, I really do recommend it.

4) SAN ANDREAS - $8.2 Million

Dwayne Johnson's disaster flick got mixed reviews from critics but has done exceptionally well at the Box Office already grossing $414 Million Worldwide.

5)DOPE - $6 Million

I've heard great things about Dope, but unfortunately it is only set to release in the UK later this year in September, the film did score 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. The film also performed great earlier this year at the Sundance film festival.


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