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Obi-Wan Kenobi or Ben Kenobi isn't done yet! The previous Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor says that he would happily do another film, but is it even possible? Obi-Wan was killed off by Darth Vader in "A New Hope", and the old classic Star Wars actor Alec Guinness sadly passed away a long time ago.

Disney has already announced that they will be doing so-called "Anthology films" which will be telling un-told Star Wars stories that won't be connected to the main saga, but will feature some of the main saga characters. One film which will be released in 2018, is said to be taking place before "A New Hope" and after "Revenge of The Sith". The film will be featuring Han Solo and Boba Fett as it will be a "bounty hunter" based film. It would be pretty epic if they put Obi-Wan in the upcoming film, since later on after he was exiled, he got into a conflict with the bounty hunter Boba Fett. Either that or they give him his own film, showing another awesome story-line with Kenobi, and possibly explaining what happened to him after his exile to Tatooine.

Can the Jedi master come back to the big screen?

At this weekends Edinburgh Film Festival, Ewan Mcregeor said that he would be happy to revisit the galaxy far, far, away.

I'd be happy to do the story from episodes three where I finish up and Alec Guinness starts,

When MTV also asked Ewan when another Obi-Wan appearance will make its journey to the big screen he said:

No! I’m still waiting for the call! Seriously! I wouldn't lie to you - I would give you some code...Literally, I have had nothing. Nothing.

Obi-Wan isn't on his way back to the Star Wars movies...yet! Ewan has been known as Obi-Wan from episodes I-III and is a fantastic actor, especially in the Star Wars film "Revenge of The Sith". For him to come back to the saga would be awesome! Everybody has wondered, what happened to Obi-Wan after he left? After "episode III" Obi-Wan went straight to Alec Guinness, they can't just throw Ewan in the new Star Wars films as he also said right here:

I don’t know how it could work, because I don’t know what those stories are...I never discussed them with George [Lucas] when we made ours, so I have no idea what the three storylines are...I suppose, after my last one, after ‘Episode III,’ I become Alec Guinness, and then Alec Guinness is cut down by Lord Vader, and goes into [The Force]. But then, if he came back from there wouldn’t he be Alec Guinness? Why would he suddenly be me? I’m talking myself out of a job here, which is a silly idea,

With that said, they can't just throw Ewan in there; unless they decide to make Ben Kenobi's force ghost look like his younger-self. Another way they can possibly work with Ewan is putting him in a side film or maybe do a complete Obi-Wan standalone film, which would be pretty awesome actually. Ewan right now currently has two thumbs up for his return to the Star Wars universe, but is still waiting for that one phone call!

Ewan does have one concern though!

He doesn't like the hilted lightsaber!

If Ewan were to come back to the Star Wars saga, he does have one condition hilted lightsabers.

I'm not sure about the hilt on the lightsaber. If you fight with a lightsaber properly you don't need one,

What was his opinion on the first trailer for [Star Wars: Episode VII — The Force Awakens](tag:711158)? He said it right here!

I saw it over someone’s shoulder, I was watching on a film set, I watched it like that...And I saw the hilt come [out], and I went: done...You don’t need hilts! If you have a lightsaber, you don’t need a silly hilt. Hilts are for– Anyway, I won’t say it. “We managed very well! The Jedi Order managed very well without hilts for hundreds of millions of years!

Well...this is the first time they introduced that type of hilt on-screen, especially for a lightsaber! The cool about the hilt is that, it isn't completely just a regular hilt; there's lasers coming out of the side to complete the hilt. It would've probably have been bad if it was literally just a regular hilt, like a renaissance type of style for a laser sword.

Ewan thinks it a bit...Disney.

That's a very Disney thing, the hilt, I think. That's a bit Disney, isn't it?

What do you think about the hilt? Is it silly? Is it cool? Or is it just Disney?

Here's the interview!

I Hope he gets the "call" one day!

What did Obi-Wan do after "Order 66" took place?

The Negotiator
The Negotiator
That wizard's just a crazy old man. I don't think he exists anymore. He died about the same time as your father.
-Owen Lars

During the Imperial era, Kenobi was forced into hiding on the remote desert planet Tatooine, where he went by the name of Ben. This also where he delivered baby Luke to Lars. Self-exiled on Tatooine, Kenobi spoke with his old master, Qui-Gon Jinn, through a technique passed down to him by Yoda and was later taught to Obi-Wan.

For the first few months of his self-imposed exile, Kenobi had no idea what had become of Vader after he had left him on Mustafar, but one day at a cantina Kenobi finally heard that he was alive when news reached him of Vader’s victory at the Battle of Kashyyyk. He was shocked to learn that the remaining Jedi thought they could join together to defeat the Sith Lord. He had hoped that they would go into hiding like he and Yoda did.

Kenobi visited the Lars Homestead everyday, always trying to stay clear of Owen and Beru so that they would not see him and watching Luke from afar. It was during these visits that he would contemplate on Skywalker's "death," though he knew that he was in fact alive and has been wondering why his former Master, Jinn, had not yet contacted him from beyond.

Unknown to Kenobi, he was being rigorously hunted down by Vader, who had severely tortured several Jedi in order to find Kenobi's whereabouts. This would work to Vader's disadvantage, however, when Kenobi was said to have been staying at the infamous Conclave on Kessel.

Roughly a year into his exile, Kenobi overheard spacers discussing events that took place on "Bellassa", where Ferus Olin, a former Padawan learner Kenobi had thought was dead awhile ago, was on the run from Imperial forces. Jinn advised Kenobi to track down Olin, promising him that this quest would help Kenobi's mission to protect baby Luke. With the spirit of Jinn temporarily looking after Luke, who was one year old, Kenobi went on to Bellassa.

On Bellassa he changed his identity to Ronar Hanare, a business man charged with working on a pipeline outside the city of Ussa. This allowed him access to the spaceport of "Ussa" which was controlled by "The Eleven" while he searched for Olin. He eventually found Olin and helped him escape the ruthless Inquisitor Malorum. Kenobi had also discovered that Malorum was interested in the events of "Polis Massa". While being pursued by Boba Fett, Kenobi and Olin escaped from Bellassa to The Red Twins system.

Evading the bounty hunter, Kenobi and Olin eventually found themselves on the planet Acherin where they met two former Separatists that are now against the Empire, a man named Toma and a skilled pilot named Raina Quill, as well as a boy from Bellassa, Trever Flume, with the three new friends, Kenobi and Olin escaped the Imperials. Kenobi learned from Toma that Garen Muln, an old Jedi friend, survived Order 66 and was hiding on the frozen world of Ilum. Olin took it upon himself to rescue Muln, while Kenobi went to Polis Massa to make sure Luke and Leia's birth was still a secret from the Empire.

Returning to Ilum, Kenobi picked up Ferus, Trever, and Garen and brought them to an asteroid that Ferus planned to turn into a safe place for the Jedi. Olin asked Kenobi to join him, but the Jedi Master turned the offer down and returned to Tatooine. Kenobi had to leave the asteroid soon afterwards.

He later met with Olin and asked the former Padawan to take care of Malorum. Kenobi did not tell him about the birth of the Skywalker twins, but specifically asked Olin to not allow Malorum to discover whatever had happened in Polis Massa.

Just a side-note: This would be a great story-line for a future "Anthology Film", only if they want to bring Obi-Wan back!

In this struggle, we shall need more than arms and intercepted plans. It's time we summoned the help of one of our wisest warriors and leaders.
-Bail Organa

Because of Kenobi being known as a survivor of Order 66, Kenobi was also listed as one of the eight most wanted criminals in the Galactic Empire. Since he hadn't been sighted since the Battle of Utapau, his image used that of him in the Clone Wars, would frequently appear in Stormtrooper recruitment videos to make sure they recognize him.

Later on, Kenobi went on to rescue Luke Skywalker from Tusken Raiders while Luke was tracking R2-D2, who insisted he was the property of Obi-Wan Kenobi. They returned to Obi-Wan's home, and Kenobi used the opportunity to finally present Luke with his father's old lightsaber. When Luke asked Kenobi about his father's death, Kenobi kept the truth away from him.

I've been waiting for you, Obi-Wan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the learner. Now I am the Master.
-Darth Vader

Obi-Wan ended up confronting Darth Vader for one last time, and sacrificed himself so that Luke can escape the Death Star. Kenobi didn't exactly die, he became one with the Force or a "force ghost" just like his old master Qui-Gon.

And now, farewell. I loved you as a son, and as a student, and as a friend. Until we meet again, may the Force be with you.
-The spirit of Kenobi

Obi-Wan's legacy continued as Luke Skywalker's son was named after him (Ben Skywalker). The Kenobi Medallion was an award that was also named after the Jedi master that was given to Rebel pilots. The Rebels also learned from the teachings of Kenobi such as piloting ships, and tactics he did during the Clone Wars. Obi-Wan will never be forgotten as his name and his lessons continue on!

Would you like to see Obi-Wan come back?

Ewan McGregor has two thumbs up for it, there's stories that can be told, and the "Anthology Films" are being planned out right now. Will it happen? Do you want to see it happen? And when is it going to happen? Should the Jedi Master return? Will Ewan McGregor get the call? Comment down below!

Star Wars: The Force Awakens flies into theaters December 18, 2015!

May the Force be with you!


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