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First, there were rumors that Tupac actually never died and is still walking among us. Then, Coachella graced us with a mind-blowing Tupac hologram surprise in 2012. Now we have a Tupac look-alike to portray the Death Row rapper in Straight Outta Compton, coming out in August this year.

Are you prepared to see the striking resemblance?

Shocking, isn't it?! Marcc Rose looks perfect for the role, even sporting some gansta Tupac socks. This is all just making me more excited for this N.W.A biopic, if that means all of their casting is this superb.

Fun fact: They even filmed the "Tupac" scene the day of Tupac's birthday, which just passed on June 16th. As Ice Cube put it, "The stars are aligned.”

Be sure to check out the powerful trailer below:

Guess who is going to be blasting N.W.A all day?

[Source: MTV]


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