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Fear the Walking Dead hits our screens in only a couple of months, and the first teaser trailers have been released, revealing that one of the stars of the show will be a familiar face for Harry Potter fans.

This thirty-second trailer shows a single man (not a zombie in sight!) as he leaps out of a window and flees...something. The assumption is that this is one of The Walking Dead, perhaps at the moment of turning? Interestingly enough, he appears to have been caught with his pants down - or even off! He's struggling to get them back up, and his shirt is flapping in the breeze, which means I'm guessing that there is something very interesting happening right before we meet him.

Frank Dillane
Frank Dillane

This character's name is Nick (played by Frank Dillane), and it looks like he'll be appearing in every episode of the Walking Dead spin off; but you might recognize him from somewhere else: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

He's quite a bit older now, and that short black hair has been replaced by longer and lighter locks, but there is no mistaking the young Tom Riddle.

This is a big role for the young actor, as Fear The Walking Dead is bound to be hugely successful simply by association with the phenomenon that is The Walking Dead. Dillane is one of the least experienced stars of the project, but after his amazing performance in Harry Potter, there is no doubt that this will become a stepping stone to even bigger things.

Fear The Walking Dead comes to AMC in August.


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