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Hannibal joins my list of great shows gone before there time.

The list includes:

The Bridge (FX)

The Bridge was dark, like really dark with very little humor. It did have spot on storytelling, amazing acting, and beautiful cinematography. It was a great example of storytelling that didn’t have a happy ending. It was real and shed light on some topics that people would rather not think about. It deserved to live on to finish up some story-lines. The Danish/Swedish version is going on its third season starting fall 2015.

Bunheads (ABC Family)

Three words: Amy Sherman-Palladino! Yes, you heard me the great writer of Gilmore Girls. She wrote this very underrated and hilarious show about a former ballerina (bunhead) turned Vegas show girl who decides to marry rich and do something with her life. It only got better from there. The show was critically acclaimed but I guess just failed to find an audience. Any failed dancer (like myself) or dance fan will enjoy the dance scenes.

Cristela (ABC)

We almost had it a diverse prime time line up. Between Blackish and Fresh off the boat we almost showed the diversity of the American family and family structure. Then they went and canceled a show that hardly had time to grow an audience. Yes, it wasn’t the best but it could have been. It reminded me of Rosanne, it just needed time to develop. Cristela the writer and executive producer is actually a great stand-up comedian and I hope we see her again soon.

Enlisted (Fox)

Like some, I grew up watching reruns of M.A.S.H with my father. I actually never understood what was going on, but I knew it made my dad laugh and sometimes he even shed a tear. To me Enlisted was the new M.A.S.H. it was never given a chance. It was funny, I mean really, really funny and it had heart. Watching it made you want to actually spend time with your siblings even the mean one. There was some early whispering that the show might get a second life at another network, but sadly it didn’t .


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