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Iron Man is one of the most popular and iconic Marvel heroes and is personally one of my favorites. Over the years, he has had many different armors with different abilities. What follows is, in my opinion, the ten best Iron Man suits ever!

10. Hydro Armor

So Iron Man doesn't rust!
So Iron Man doesn't rust!

This armor allowed Tony to travel deep into the ocean, even though his regular armor could do that too. It allowed for more in-depth adventures, and also had certain modifications to the suit to help him swim underwater.

9. Space Armor

This armor gave him the ability to travel into deep space and battle enemies that were (literally) out of this world. It came with life support, food and even a waste removal system.

8. Modular Armor

The Modular Armor was one of the first armors to give Iron Man the use of multiple weapons and tools, and it remained the Iron Man armor for a fair amount of time.

7. Mk.1

Even though this armor may not look like much, it started his career and made Tony what he is today. If he didn't have this armor, he wouldn't be Iron Man. And for that reason, it deserves a spot on this list.

6. Stealth Armor

Though this armor isn't the toughest, it definitely gave Tony an advantage for sneaking up and attacking enemies. It was even mentioned in Iron Man 3!

5. War Machine

Okay, so Tony doesn't wear this suit, James Rhodes does. But who didn't love to see War Machine tearing it up in Iron Man 2? You got to give it to him, it was pretty cool.

4. Hulk Buster

An armor that was intended to beat the Hulk if necessary, this armor has recently appeared in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It has become a fan-favorite and definitely a favorite of mine.

3. Silver Centurion

This armor marks a very big cosmetic change in Tony's armor. The armor was initially intended for Rhodes, but Stark donned it and became the Silver Centurion.

2. Extremis

Extremis was one of the biggest changes ever in Iron Man technology. One which Tony stopped wearing the suit and into one where he became the suit, literally. Extremis bonded with his body making him one with the suit.

1. Classic Armor

There have been many Iron Man armors, but what armor do you think of when you think of Iron think of his original armor. The one armor that we fell in love with and the one that turned him into a hot rod, instead of an iron cage.


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