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Ok so, we all know that Minecraft is getting a movie, personally I think it will turn into a classic, long-lasting, trilogy of movies. The reason Minecraft the movie will make a lot of money in the box office(my prediction is about $42 million in the first weekend) is not because it's a popular game played by people in between the wide mass of ages 7-30 maybe even more, but because Warner bros. and Mojang don't make suckish things, and if that's not good enough for you, there are many plot twists they can take, all are amazing.

My prediction for the Minecraft movie is that it won't be called "Minecraft: The Movie" but something awesomer. The Movie will begin showing Notch build the Minecraft universe or Notch talking about how Minecraft came to be as he somehow mentions Steve and the camera zooms from the Minecraft planet to Steve coming out of his house as Notch stops narrating as the the title appears on the screen. Steve explores Minecraft regularly for the first ten minutes until he hears screaming of the villagers and must stop creepers and zombies from destroying the village, most likely the village will praise him for his work and he leaves humbly as it appears that an enderman was watching him.

Steve's off on adventure again!
Steve's off on adventure again!

Steve puts items in his chest as he suddenly hears a female voice say "Hey.." Steve turns around in shock as the girl says something like "I watched you save those villagers" Steve most likely replies confusingly saying "Um, thank you? Wait a minute, who are you?" The girl probably says "I'm Stephanie, princess of the Diamond Clan, I'm here to bring you to a meeting with my King." Steve probably declines and the girl most likely says "I wasn't asking.." as she knocks Steve unconscious, Steve goes to the kingdom becomes briefed on the end of the Minecraft world, as he and perhaps four other Minecraftians including Stephanie go on an adventure to save the world, they meet Notch who tells Steve he was not born as an only child and that Steve cannot come to Notch for help, Steve and the others go into ultimate battle against a bunch of endermen, Notch shows up and aids the warriors in battle as Steve, Stephanie, and another Minecraftian continue, as they kill the shadow crowned Enderman, as they enter the end, the battle the Dragon, slay it with the exception of the extra companion's death.

The portal back appears but as Steve and Stephanie walk towards it holding hands, the portal glitches and turns red as they are transported into the nether, where Steve helps Stephanie up after she he most likely lands on her butt or face, and they look around, and see Herobrine who says "I've been waiting for you brother..." with a grimacing look upon his face as the movie ends playing a custome made song, boom!!!!

A million dollar box office opening, the expected release date has mainly been presumed in my favorite month of the year and birth month, July, and the year 2016, hopefully I'll see the movie for my birthday and stuff. None of this HAS to happen, I'm just pointing out what would be a major seller for Mojang and Warner Brothers Pictures, also Mojang might release a game update on Minecraft where if you make a new account(for the renewed price of $9.99 for the first month or so) you'll get to choose a character you want to play as, not that you're playing the story of the movie but you'll get their skin from day one instead of having to download it or making it. I'd love to see Ben Stiller play Steve but I have others in mind to, stay up to date and let me know, catch you later ;).


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