ByMark Richard Taylor, writer at
Mark Richard Taylor

Why is this company insistent on rebranding a hero , rather than creating a new one? Where's the originality and why give the finger to the fans who support the characters they grew up with? Creating a new character of whatever ethnicity (much like what was done in the past several years )allows more inclusivity , the other way alienates the very core of the fans who supported Marvel books up to this point. Frankly, it seems lazy. Falcon didn't have to become Capt. America . I love him as he is. Why couldn't Falcon be launched in his own book? This racial identity politicking doesn't belong in the comic books. Nobody liked New Coke when it replaced Classic Coke. I believe the same applies here. Many of the rebranded characters do not sell nearly as well as the former. Many of us loved the Xmen because of the various races and ethnicities. If you're going to rebrand everyone why not make Storm a white man? Why not do that ? I have feeling that won't happen(and frankly I wouldn't want to see that ). There seems to be a selective method to which race and sex disappears and which gets replaced. Hmmm. I wonder. I think many are tiring if this game. More of us would embrace new characters with new stories, not new characters hijacking an existing one . I'm anxious to see how long people will stick with New Coke. If history is any indication , maybe not too long.


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