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Emma Emmanouela

We live in a high paced society that doesn't allow us to slow down and enjoy the little moments in life.We chase deadlines and we end up not chasing life.We follow events and not our hearts.We luck conviction,passion and faith.We consider everything easy(or too hard) and we end up being cruel and cynical.And the worst of all?We are convinced that this is the only way of living.Well we couldn't be more mistaken...

Find your hero.How difficult is that?It is as difficult as to determine ourselfs and our set of beliefs.In a world that most than building up a hero ,likes to tear that hero down everything is complicated.In this kind of world we should find our hero.

Our hero can be one of our parents,our siblings,someone famous,some ancient figure ,a scientist,a philosopher or even a demigod or a superhero.The possibilities are endless.You can choose Socrates or Alexander the Great, Tesla or Cleopatra .You can choose the all -good Superman or the conflicted Batman,the risky Green Lntern or the powerfull Wonder-woman .

As I mentioned the possibilities are endless but what matters is our choice.Our opinion ,our voice.We should find that voice and fight for that voice to be heard.So,let's take inspiration from our heroes ,stick to our values and fight in our everyday life in a peacefull way.Fight for truth and justice.Fight for freedom.Spread love and positivity .Change the world.

Becouse that is what our heroes are all about.Making us believe that anything is possible and that kindness and determination in doing good can and will change the world!

Emmanouela Aamer Moulatsioti


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