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Ok, I’m just going to say this and it’s going to be very ranty. Sorry in advance.

Hannibal has been cancelled by NBC and I don’t understand why. What makes a network cancel something this good? It isn’t even the first time NBC has cancelled a good show.

I don’t know what else they have done, but in my eyes, the evils of NBC cancellation have affected the nerd community greatly.

Community was an intellectual comedy that redefined what it meant to be a sitcom, but it constantly faced conflict from NBC. They supressed the creator Dan Harmon and even fired him for one season before they rehired him again and then just gave up on the show entirely. It had to jump to Yahoo! Screen and that's where it is now.

Constantine arrived on our screens last year, bringing back the supernatural genre to tv and redefining what a superhero show could entail, but after a weaker than normal finale, the show was cancelled by NBC.

Hannibal Has Been Cancelled By NBC

Now, Hannibal has been cancelled, ending the trend of cancelling shows beginning with the letter ‘C’, but continuing the trend of getting rid of the best shows that the network puts out.

Be aware. This isn’t a eulogy. This is a rally. Hannibal can’t truly be dead. Hannibal is a fantastic show that provides audience with an aesthetic appeal that no other shows and a large percentage of films don’t have. Its performances from Mads Mikkelsen, Hugh Dancy, Laurence Fishburne, Caroline Dhavernas, Gillian Anderson and Eddie Izzard, among many others in the cast, have proved to be some of the greatest on television. Mads Mikkelsen manages to handle a character with so much history behind him perfectly, while Hugh Dancy provides a phenomenal performance as the tortured Will Graham. Gillian Jacobs proves she still has dramatic chops for nerd shows after her original run on ‘X-Files’. Eddie Izzard proved that he isn’t just a funny man. Comedy may be what he’s famous for, but he delivers such a dark performance that makes the audience forget that he is a comedian.

The symbolism is by far the strongest in this show and the show pushed the boundaries of what could be allowed on network television. The writing has proven to be some of the greatest on television. Why has this show, among many other, been cancelled?

I think I might know why, but I really hope I’m wrong. Why do we cancel our Communitys, our Constantines and our Hannibals? Why do we keep our Teen Wolfs and our Game of Thrones'?(and yes, I know the ratings are getting lower each year for Teen Wolf but the fact that it’s still around annoys me, so I mentioned it). I think the answer might lie in sex appeal. People don’t seem to care about rich storytelling or drama. There’s a reason I don’t like Game of Thrones. Honestly, I appreciate the politics of it, but the sex appeal is too overwhelming. Plus, it’s not like anyone watches it for the politics or story. Ask an average Game of Thrones fan where a certain character is currently or even WHO a particular character is and if they aren’t one of a small handful of characters in the extensive show, nobody knows, but they will gladly rank sex scenes and who looked the best naked or when asked about a character, they will respond “Oh. Is he hot? Because otherwise I probably wouldn’t know”.

Empty the throne.
Empty the throne.

These shows needlessly pander to a sex appeal, but nobody cares about story anymore. I’m sure Game of Thrones could be a good show if its fan base stopped liking the wrong things about it. It wouldn’t be popular, but it’d be an ok show. Do you know why? Because it’s an average show, laden with sex and nudity, as if to disguise its averageness. I can go into my dislike of Game of Thrones in a future article if you want, but I refuse to sully a post about the excellent show Hannibal with too much Game of Thrones ranting. What really annoys is the vindictive behaviour of non-fans, given the announcement. The person who showed me the news showed it attached to a gif of someone saying something along the lines of “the monster is defeated”. I don’t understand why someone would be so vindictive instead of just ignoring the show? I don’t get vindictive about Game of Thrones. I just stopped trying to push through it just because everyone told me “it gets better” and seasons later, it didn’t get better. Anyway, back to Hannibal.

Hannibal is a great show and it doesn’t deserve to be cancelled. I refuse to watch anything NBC puts out, because they’re going to end up cancelling it anyway. Hannibal needs to come back.

So, tweet or post or something a little more uncreative like . Yeah, go with .

The official one is though


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