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The world of Cosplay is massive, every year it becomes bigger and bigger and has no intention on slowing down. I had the opportunity to interview one of the most well known Spider-Man Cosplayers on Social Media, Luc Luzzo.

The following interview took place at Wizard World Comic-Con 2015, Sacramento California.

Q: When did you first begin to Cosplay & what made you want to start ?

A: When i started working at EA Games there was a lot of nerdy people, they encouraged the nerd out of me. When the first Wizard World Sacramento came around they said i should Cosplay, so i went for it and chose Spider-Man which basically kick started my Cosplay Addiction.

Q: What was the first comic book you ever read, if you can remember it.

A: The first comic book that i can remember reading was "The Darkness" issue one. I fell in love with that whole world and the people in it, so after reading it i was addicted to the sires.

Q: Where do you see your Cosplay going in the next five years.

A: In the next five years, i'll have a better job be making more money so my Cosplay will just get better and better in my opinion. And i'll be able to attend more conventions around the states. More conventions better suits and i might start my own table because everyone keeps asking me will i ever do that.

Q: Have you created any Cosplays from scratch, and if so which ones ?

A: Yes i have, my very first Cosplay i put together from scratch, also my Arsenal Cosplay i put together from scratch. Those are the only two that i did make myself, but the only thing i didin't do on the Arsenal suit was the mask which was made by Tiger Stone FX, but all the other stuff was me. Also my first shield that i had for Captain Spider-Man was a scratch build, but now a days its much more cheap to pay for a company to make the product you want.

Q: Is there a certain Cosplay that you want to do later that is not Spider-Man ?

A: Oh yeah there is alot on my list, but the one i want to do most is Superboy and also Nightwing, the Nightwing from the YouTube TV show especially.

Q: What are some pointers that you can give to people that are new and want to start Cosplaying.

A: Well the first thing you really have to do is center in on one character, because if you have a lot of other Cosplays in mind it could take away from the creativity you put in to your first. Also Make sure you do research and try to find someone who has done it the way you want it done for yourself, try to contact them and or find out how they did it and then do that for yourself but put your own spin on it. So just remember to do research and if your on a budget find out how to do things that look the same for little cost.

Q: What does it feel like when you finally complete a Cosplay and show it off at a convention.

A: It feels like opening your first pack of Pokemon cards, that's the way i tell it to people because you get that awe feeling but its from other people looking at you, so i feel like i am someones Pokemon cards they just opened up. Its a good feeling, a feeling that will always be special.

Q: So out of all the Spider-Men in the Marvel universe, who is your favorite ?

A: It has to be Assassin Spider-Man which is actually a Cosplay that im working on right now, and he's kind of a Bad ass ha ha.

Q: Dancing is a big part of your life, so when did you first start ?

A: I first started dancing when i was twelve and then i did it all through high school, and then i got a degree in dance when i attended Easy Bay collage.

Q: Congratulations on reaching ten thousand followers on Instagram, did you ever think your page would ever get this big so fast.

A: No not this fast at all, i saw ten thousand as like a 2016 goal you know, but when i was at one thousand i said to myself it took me this long to get to one thousand so it should take me this long to get to ten. So the amount of followers i received in my time on Instagram has been great.

Q: So when your not saving New York from villains, what does Spider-Man do in his spare time.

A: Well i defiantly chill with my super hot girlfriend/wife Mary Jane, that's number one. And if Black Cat comes around i close the windows so she cant get inside.

Q: What are some hobby's you like to do outside of Cosplay ?

A: Outside of Cosplay i like to dance and go see movies, also i do Yu-Gi-Oh im a huge fan of Yu-Gi-Oh. But working on Cosplay is a huge hobby that kind of overtakes the other ones. Gaming online and Videogames also find there way in my life.

Q: If you could recommend one graphic novel to someone, what book would it be.

A: That's a hard one, especially if its a graphic novel, but id say "Year one" by Frank Millar, that is a great graphic novel to start with. And if you've never read a graphic novel that's a perfect one to begin with.

Q: Who was the better Spider-Man, Toby McGuire or Andrew Garfield and why ?

A: Andrew Garfield played a better Peter Parker because he started off very awkward and didn't know how to talk to girls but then gets better. Toby McGuire defiantly embodies Spider-Man. Actually id say the other way around Toby McGuire plays a better Peter Parker and Andrew Garfield played a much better Spider-Man. Its hard to pick between the two because Andrew Garfield doesn't look like a nerd verse Toby McGuire who does pull of the nerd look.

Q: So this being the last question i want to ask a big one, can you tell the people reading this interview what your next big Cosplay will be.

A: Well the next big one probably is Assassin Spider-man because that's a big project for me and the fact being im just so excited for it and i cant wait to show it off at a Con and get peoples reactions.

Luc has a thriving fan base on all major social media sites. If you'd like go check him out and join him on his adventures in the Cosplay world, you can find him here. - Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook

By the end of this interview i got some great answers and Cosplay tips from The Bboy Spider-Man himself. During Wizard World Comic-Con Luc stopped by the Heroic Imaging booth and had some incredible pictures taken that you can see for yourself below.

Photos Provided by Heroic Imaging
Photos Provided by Heroic Imaging

To see more pictures from Heroic Imaging you can visit there website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

Official Website -

Cosplay for me is starting to become something that i look forward to every time i turn on my Phone and attend a convention, one day i would love to start Cosplaying myself and join in on the fun. And if i ever need any pointers i know who to ask for advice. - Adam V

Thank-You to all who read the article i hope you enjoyed it. There will be lots more interviews to come from other incredible people in the Cosplay world, so follow and stay tuned for much more content, follow G4LOfficial on Moviepilot and stay connected, till next time everybody. : )


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